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Players remain dissatisfied with the Caldera map of Call of Duty: Warzone

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Caldera, the new Pacific-themed map in Call of Duty: Warzone, has received several updates since its launch on December 8, but players are still dissatisfied with the game’s current state. Currently, Warzone players can participate in Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor event by securing Christmas trees, chasing elves, and avoiding Krampus’ wrath, but the holiday spirit appears to be dampened by the bugs and performance issues with Caldera.

Over the last several updates, there has been a lot of weapon balancing and various tiny problems have been resolved, including audio tweaks and patched map exploits. Warzone’s new Pacific map, on the other hand, is still having trouble, notably across all console platforms.

There are still graphical problems that make guns and operators appear like a polygonal mess, parachutes don’t always deploy properly, and game failures that necessitate PC and console hard resets. The game’s most recent update, which was released on December 19, brought a few chances but did not solve any of these key concerns, nor did it help with the recent freezing issues that many players have been experiencing.


Caldera’s issues with controller disconnects and performance on PlayStation consoles, as well as visual discrepancies with weapon and operator models and audio glitches, are still being investigated by Raven Software. These and other concerns can be found on the Warzone Trello board, which lists issues that Raven Software is aware of and attempting to resolve.

While the Trello board mentions PlayStation performance issues, there appears to be no acknowledgement that Xbox users are having similar problems. All Xbox and PlayStation consoles, including the hard-to-find current-gen consoles, appear to be performing poorly. Furthermore, Xbox Series X users are reporting that they are unable to play at 120 frames per second. Although this issue does not appear to be on Trello, Raven’s Creative Director Ted Timmins acknowledged it on Twitter. Timmins claims that the team is aware of the issue and that he, too, is an Xbox Series X user.

All of the performance difficulties occur as console users continue to be irritated by the fact that they have a brand-new map but no FOV slider on Xbox or PlayStation. Because of the lack of this functionality, console players will be unable to modify their field of view, as they have become accustomed to doing in Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard’s multiplayer. In Warzone’s cross-play mode, this offers PC gamers a slight advantage.

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It’s a shame that Warzone is having such a tough time right now because Caldera feels like a worthy successor to the Verdansk map, but Raven Software is having trouble making all of the necessary improvements.

While the current weapon tweaking has been beneficial as the developer strives to maintain a healthy balance for Warzone’s expanding weapon pool, too many problems can still make some players unhappy. Raven Software, hopefully, will be able to resolve some of the more serious issues sooner rather than later. Caldera now feels rougher than it did when it first launched, thanks to all of the latest improvements.

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