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Everything you must know about making and losing money in bitcoin

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We all are aware of the first virtual currency, bitcoin. The currency has a concise history. It came into existence in 2009. But, the actual interest in this virtual currency was in 2020 and 2021. During the pandemic, the currency reached a high level. It became a generic team in every household. If you are thinking about investing your money in bitcoin, this article will help you with dos and don’ts. So, stop reading the stories of how people made fortunes through bitcoin and start with your investment.

How can you create money through bitcoin?

While many bitcoin holders will tell you that you can only use it for payment purposes, this is not the reality. Instead, you can look for multiple methods by which you can make a profit out of bitcoin. Following are the three main ways that will help you in earning money:

Trading in bitcoin

We all know that bitcoin is a volatile asset. Thus, most people fear making bitcoin investments. Many long-term investors don’t invest as they fear losing money in the long run. Bitcoin has often made double-digit growth and fall in a single day. If you think you can play with this volatility aspect of bitcoin, you can be a bitcoin trader. All you need to do is keep track of the highs and lows in bitcoin price and make wise investment decisions. If you are an agile investor, you can make a 5% profit every week. This way, you will get an annual return of more than 250%. Can you be any more decadent? So, stop procrastinating and get started with your bitcoin investment.

Plan for investment

Another best way and affordable process to earn money in bitcoin are by becoming an investor. Sometimes, it may not seem easy to hold the currency long-term. But, people who have the risk-taking capability and patience can easily make huge gains. For example, in the last ten years, bitcoin’s price has risen by more than 380%. Almost ten years back, you might have purchased bitcoin at $33,374, and the asset’s cost currently stands at $41.7 million. If you can plan to have this gain level, try to invest in bitcoins. Historically, it has been seen that bitcoin has offered more gains to long-term currency holders.

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Go for bitcoin mining.

If you are not interested in trading or investing in bitcoin, mining is the best possible way to earn money. Although no doubt, bitcoin mining is not as easy as it seems, bitcoin mining will help you make windfall gains. Miners are the people who get an additional number of bitcoins as part of their reward. Thus, every time a new bitcoin block is added by solving challenging equations, miners get a part of the bitcoin in reward. After the last bitcoin halving, the reward is 6.25 when a new block is added. But, to mine bitcoin, you will require a supercomputer with high computing powers.

How do people lose money in bitcoin?

In scams

Financial scams are pretty typical after the digital proliferation. Thus, cryptocurrencies are also not untouched by these scams. As more people invest in bitcoin, scammers target people with high-level scams. As per a report, since October last year, bitcoin investors and traders have lost more than $80 million in different scams. Therefore, if you want to keep your digital currency, it is vital to be vigilant.


Another significant way to lose all your bitcoin investment is by hacking activities. As crypto is gaining acceptance, hacking activities are also on high. When you have bitcoin, you need to have a digital wallet that you can access electronically. But, many times, hackers hack these bitcoin wallets, and they drain out cryptocurrencies. So, in case you lose your bitcoin or even the private key to your bitcoin wallet, there is no way possible that you will be able to get that amount back.

So, the next time you want to make money out of bitcoin, you need to be aware of all these challenges and prospects. We are sure that these tips will be highly informational and beneficial.

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