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Why has Metaverse become big news in 2021? Read till the end to know the reason behind

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The market for transactions in the Metaverse is estimated to reach $6.1 billion this year, as digital titans like Meta (previously Facebook) aim big on VR/AR-based technology to deliver greater immersive experiences to billions in the future.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, the worldwide Metaverse industry is expected to surpass approximately $42 billion by 2026.

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, has announced that it will invest more than $10 billion in its Metaverse vision.

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In addition, Facebook has said that it will hire 10,000 individuals to assist in the development of the Metaverse.

The next computing platform, according to the business, has the potential to open up new creative, social, and economic prospects.

“The Metaverse would resemble a mash-up of today’s online social encounters, stretched into three dimensions or projected into the physical world at times. It will allow you to enjoy immersive experiences with others even when you are unable to be physically present with them, as well as do things together that you would not be able to do in the real world “Meta believes so.

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Meta has also announced a $150 million investment in immersive learning to train the next generation of creators, as well as new tools to assist people building for the Metaverse, such as the Presence Platform, which will enable new mixed reality experiences on Quest 2.

Neal Stephenson created the term Metaverse approximately 30 years ago in a science fiction novel.

According to Intel, developing the VR concept at scale and making it accessible to billions of people in real-time will necessitate a 1,000-fold boost in computational efficiency over what we have now.

Our current processing, storage, and networking infrastructure, according to Raja Koduri, senior vice president and head of Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, is simply not adequate to achieve the Metaverse concept popularised by Meta (previously Facebook) and other organisations.

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In a blog post published this week, Koduri stated, “We need several orders of magnitude more powerful computing capability, available at substantially lower latencies across a diversity of device form forms.”

“In fact, after the web and smartphones, the metaverse may be the next important computing platform,” Koduri continued.

The Reality of the Future:

The metaverse’s proponents and developers told ET that there were countless and unrealized use cases for monetizing and living in virtual environments.

“Because everything in the metaverse can be traded, creators have a big chance to come up with something unique and carve out a place for themselves.” You can rent your property for events, design wearables that people can buy and wear in the metaverse, set up billboards, and develop games. “It’s all up to your imagination,” NFT artist Singh explained.

Purists say we are on the verge of creating a single metaverse – an interconnected web of all virtual worlds in which an individual’s identity can move between them smoothly.

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“In my opinion, this is the future, and you won’t be able to avoid it any more than you couldn’t avoid Facebook or Twitter.” “It’s frightening, but it’s true,” Icertis of Darda added.

What’s the most terrifying thing?

“The concept that humans might become trapped in a virtual environment from which they never wish to emerge,” he continued.

Concluding Words:

Metaverse is bringing the virtual reality concept to us, but as the name suggests ” virtual reality” it is scary to think if it will lead us towards virtual lives. For now, we can only hope that metaverse just comes as an upgraded form of technology and does not take us along into its world.

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