Thursday, January 27, 2022

“The Bad Guys”: The trailer shows the animated Heist Comedy with excellent visuals

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Dreamworks has dropped the trailer of, “The Bad Guys”. It means the Big Bad Wolf is set to come soon for blowing a few of the houses down. It seems that the world’s biggest villains are collaborating to make the bad look good.

The Bad Guys: Trailer Details

The Bad Guys' Trailer Is An Awesome Graphic Delight

The trailer starts with the cops who are chasing after Mr. Wolf who has been voiced by Sam Rockwell. He has introduced his viewers to his close friends and the crime partners Mr. Snake (Marc Maron), who has the ability to crack open safes with ease, Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson) who is a  master in disguise, Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos) who is the muscle of the team, and Ms. Tarantula(Awkwafina) who has never met anything that she could not be hacked up.

First trailer for Shang-Chi and Joker stars' The Bad Guys

This team has spent many years pulling off heists and also the other crimes, and it has been garnered them infamous fame and also the intrigue. While the detectives have finally very close to the crew, Mr. Wolf has made a plan for stemming from saving an old lady from which he had about to seal money: In Order to protect his team from being thrown in the slammer and he will going to attempt for the remake the team into being “The Good Guys”.

The Bad Guys Trailer Reveals Animated Heist Comedy With Really Cool Visuals

This animation series of Scholastic books has been written by Aaron Blabey who has been signed on for helming the project with Eta Choen, and Hillary Winston who is the co-writer of the script. The composer of the movie is Daniel  Pemberton who also has been scored for the music in Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse. There is no exception for this film as the trailer of The Bad Guys enhances some unique animation and visual style with such a nice blend of 3D characters with 2D characteristics and it will make this instantly stand out from the projects of Dreamworks.

DreamWorks unveils the first trailer for Heist Comedy The Bad Guys - Game  News 24

This film has been scheduled to release in theatres on 22nd April 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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