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Stop Helping Hackers Unknowingly

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Phone hacking can cost you your privacy and personal information such as address, phone number and even your credit card data. There are many ways you could be unknowingly helping hackers to steal your information.

Here are some mistakes that we often make, and which hackers can crack.

Using a Weak Password

Weak passwords can be guessable and they play a major role in any hack. Some of the most common passwords are 12345, password1, qwerty and stuff that are easily predictable.

If you’re not comfortable with remembering passwords, you can always write them down on a piece of paper. If the length of the password is very small, you can try to add special characters and combine numbers with it.

We also recommend using a password manager for generating and storing passwords because they protect you from various computer, Android, and iOS keyloggers.

Using an Unauthorized Modem Service

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Public modem services normally use “WEP” open authentication which raises big security issues for the user. Hackers can use these to access your network, modify your network traffic and exploit your private life.

Try to avoid public wi-fi at all costs and make sure to use a VPN service before connecting. A VPN (virtual private network) is a useful tool that protects you from risks of public wi-fi.

Using a Unique Password for All Accounts

Just like using a weak password, a unique code for all accounts is dangerous as well. That is because a single leak of that password may cause you to risk all your accounts.

You can still create different combinations but they should be uneasy to guess. Also, try changing your password at least every 3 months.

Saving Payment Information on Websites

Bear in mind that companies -no matter large or small- can get hacked from time to time. Web sites such as food orders or online shopping may get hacked and it is usually targeted for stealing customer information. These may be your address, your personal data, or your credit card details.

Even though today it is not easy to make payments with your credit card details thanks to the increased security, it is still best to not save them for future concerns.

Exposing Your Laptop to Viruses

Downloading software from unknown or third-party websites is also one of the tricks that hackers use to get into your laptop. Even though some may seem legit, most websites are run by scammers or hackers where, once you download the “software”, it gets infected with malware or other device spy apps.

It is strongly advised not to download from unknown sources and better to use anti-virus software.

Sharing Information on Social Platforms

According to online safety consultants from Teensafe, social engineering is a very common trick that hackers use these days. By asking what seems to be innocent questions about you and your computer, a hacker can trick you into making security mistakes or sharing your private information.

It is important to not respond to these questions and avoid sharing any kind of information at all costs.

Check for Spyware

With the increasing hacking abilities, Spywares are much more common than before. Your phone might be infected without you even realizing it. Your activities can be tracked and your personal information may get easily stolen.

Make sure to scan your phone every once in a while and check for any suspicious activity that doesn’t belong to you. If you notice something that isn’t done by you, it’s better to reset your phone to its factory settings.

Use 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication is a security tool that grants access to a website with a code different from the password. It works either by SMS verification, email, call, or through authenticator apps that provide OTP (one-time-password).

Having a second form of identification prevents hackers from gaining access to your account. You can now use it in most websites and apps such as Google, Facebook, and so on.


Even though we may think that some information on our accounts is not important, it may still be for hackers. Finally, accounts such as Google and Facebook should have stronger passwords as they can be used for accessing multiple sites.

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