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All you need to know about CES 2022 and the innovative launches to expect?

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In 2022, CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show, will revert to its traditional in-person format. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the annual event in Los Angeles, which features new announcements and product launches, moved completely digital in 2021. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which conducts the event, said ahead of time that 1,800 exhibitors from 44 different tech categories have signed up to participate.

Next year’s Consumer Electronics Show will take place from January 5 to 8, 2022. There will be an online component, given that it is taking place in the midst of a pandemic. Some venues have altered their air circulation systems for safety reasons, and attendees will be required to show confirmation of COVID-19 immunization.

CES 2022 will feature a number of new categories, including culinary technology, space technology, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), among others. TuSimple, which will be demonstrating its driverless trucks, is one company to keep an eye on.

Seven Indian companies have signed up to exhibit, with five of them exhibiting at Eureka Park, the event’s startup section. To mention a few, Enverde, Altifarm and H-Bots Robotics.

Air taxis are also predicted to be a hot topic at the forthcoming CES 2022. Sierra Space will present a space plan at CES, while Beyond Honeycomb will present an AI-enabled robot that can mimic restaurant meals. Coinbase and Autograph, two well-known NFT businesses, are also taking part.


To learn more about CES 2022 goals and early trends, Gadgets 360 chatted with Brian Moon, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Consumer Technology Association.

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In addition to the categories that have previously been displayed at the event, many new categories are announced for CES 2022 that we are very pleased about. Three new areas at CES are food technology, space technology, and NFTs. It has enabled new enterprises to emerge, such as Sierra Space, which will be exhibiting for the first time at CES and will be showcasing a space design for the first time

Beyond Honeycomb, a South Korean start-up, will showcase an AI-enabled robot that can replicate your favorite restaurant meal in the food tech arena. Coinbase and Autograph, two well-known NFT firms, will also be in attendance. The three new areas at CES are listed above.


The automotive category, which includes vehicle technology, is another business that is still growing. It has grown by over 12% from our exhibition in 2020, and we now have over 200 firms exhibiting in the automotive and vehicle technology area.

There are a few new startups on the way, one of which is TuSimple, which has a self-driving semi-truck. VinFast, a Vietnamese automaker, is also a first-time exhibitor at CES, with a series of electric vehicles on display.

In addition, CTA has announced keynotes from GM, Samsung, T-Mobile, and Abbott, marking the first time in CES history that a health-related keynote has been announced. GM has already stated that the global presence of their electrified vehicles will take place at CES.


Also, We’re all interested in virtual reality-related technology because it’s a brand-new industry with a lot of buzz. However, Facebook, now branded as Meta, will be exhibiting at CES as an official exhibitor. So, of course, at the show, they’ll make major announcements.

This will be their first large-scale event in person. The metaverse, on the other hand, has the potential to alter many aspects of our lives, including how we conduct business, visit friends, shop, and network. However, the most important thing they’re talking about is establishing a virtual environment that can be accessed via VR and AR.

The impact of the pandemic on digital health will be enormous. Many of these businesses were at the forefront of the technologies that helped us get through it. As a result, the digital health exhibit category at CES 2022 has developed greatly, and the conference programme is also excellent. As a result, we believe that this is another major sector at CES, where we will see a lot of breakthroughs and announcements. 


Our Take on CES 2022:

Over the following few weeks, there will be a lot more to come. With GM, Samsung, T-Mobile, and Abbott, the keynotes are once again very intriguing. Also, we’d like to reiterate the new areas at CES that we’re interested in, such as NFTs, space technology, and food technology. In the marketing community, our C-space sector has developed enormously and is centred on entertainment content. That will be extremely powerful as well.

So, CES will continue in all of the categories that it is known for, as well as adding these new ones that we discussed, and it is building up to be a fantastic event.

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