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FIFA 22: How to complete the Icon Swaps 1 tokens easily and take advantage of the Squad Battles glitches

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EA has introduced the Icon Swaps token for the first time in FIFA 22 on 15th December. The Icon Swaps 1 event will go on till 7th February. We will be able to grind 9x Icon swaps 1 token till 10th January and another 9 after that. There will be a total of 18x Icon Swaps 1 token on offer. They are the best ones to grind to get an Icon for your team.

So here we will take a look at the best possible way to get the maximum number of Icon Swaps 1 by playing the least possible number of Squad Battle matches.

FIFA 22: How to complete the Icon Swaps 1 tokens easily and take advantage of the Squad Battles glitches

You can get 5x Icon Swaps 1 token by just playing 18 Squad Battle matches. You’ll also get 6x Milestone cards which will be great fodders for your club.

You’ll need to play 6 Squad Battle matches with each of the 3 teams mentioned below.

  1. A full Silver team of Eredivisie players – 2x Icon Swaps 1 token and 3x Eredivisie Milestone card
  2. A full Brazil team with atleast 7 Liga Nos players – 1x Icon Swaps 1 token and 3x Liga Nos Milestone card
  3. A full First Owner team of Argentine players – 2x Icon Swaps token

There are also some Squad Battle glitches that can save you time. After taking a lead you can just take advantage of these glitches and do something else.

The three glitches, as of now, in Squad Battle matches are:

  1. Go into the opponent box and press L2/LT after the opponent players start pressing. After 5 seconds, release L2/LT but still your player will protect the ball.
  2. Come into your own box and do ball roll. The opponent players won’t be taking the ball away from you.
  3. Go to the sidelines and face the camera person and do skills. The opponent players won’t come near you to take the ball.
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So, you can easily get 5x Icon Swaps 1 token by playing just 18 Squad Battle matches and can also save your time by taking advantage of the Squad Battle glitches.

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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