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18 Best Web-Based Video Editors for 2021

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With video gradually emerging as the most powerful medium to communicate on the internet, creating powerful, eye-catchy videos is essential. 

Whether you run a business or create videos for pleasure, knowing the editing rules is crucial to creating top-class videos. Fortunately, you can edit videos like a pro without knowing anything about editing, thanks to some world-class web-based video editors and editing platforms. There are certain good computers that help you go ahead with a good flow of editors.

However, finding the best web-based video editor is no mean feat, a reason why we sifted through each of the best video editors on the internet and compiled this comprehensive list. Read on to know about each of the most popular video editors to make the right selection.  

18 Super Simple and Powerful Web-Based Video Editors For 2022

1. Adobe Spark

Although Adobe Spark comes from the house of Adobe, the producer of premium tools like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., it is much lighter. This amateur-friendly video editing software lets you create simple video stories and web graphics for sharing on social media. You can find seasonal and trendy photos and backgrounds to make your videos more vivid. Moreover, besides resizing the content for sharing on social media, you can also include Photoshop-worthy effects, textures, and filters on your video.

2. Clideo Video Maker

If you’re searching for the simplest tool for making videos, Clideo Video Maker is the perfect tool for you. Using this tool, you can add videos, images, background tracks, and more. You will find tools for cropping, rotating, compressing, and man-handling your video content until you get the results you want. However, this software doesn’t include text tools, animation tools and has only a crossfade transition effect. Hence, this software is pretty easy to learn and is useful for very simple videos. One impressive thing about this tool is that it has handy integration with storage servers like Dropbox and Google Drive. 

3. Clipchamp 

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This can be described as a reasonably advanced video editing tool without being too intimidating. This tool comes with tools that are less complicated than tools like Adobe Premiere, so it won’t take you long to figure out how the tool works. Clipchamp has an interesting twist – when you add clips from your hard drive, they are not uploaded to its servers, meaning that you can choose to upload your video content, but otherwise, every data stays secure on your hard drive. Thus, if your Clipchamp ever gets hacked, people might find very little information about your video projects, and that’s it. Even the employees cannot access your video projects without your permission.

4. Invideo

There’s a reason why Invideo figures on top of the web-based video editors list. It is a power-packed yet easy-to-understand video editor that comes with over 5,000 templates to give you the right thrust. The online video is liked by 7 million users in 190 countries globally. The platform has tied up with iStock, Storyblock, and Shutterstock to provide over 8 million photos, videos, and music tracks for editing. You can use this Invideo to create super-impactful video ads, YouTube videos, intros, outros, and many more. 

5. FlexClip

This ultra-simple video editor is ideal for those who want to create presentation-style videos. The best thing about this tool is that it comes with video templates and a big media library of stock video and audio, along with ways to post your videos on social media platforms. This app is ideal for people who run their social media marketing and pay for their marketing expenses. The features are pretty basic and easy to figure out – you will find voice recording function, zoom function, and more useful features. Unlike most video editing tools, FlexClip lets users split one video into two clips.

6. Animoto

This tool is all about ‘story templates’ that are made to help you logically create your videos. Thus, if you are looking for help to plan out promo videos, motivational videos, slideshows, and similar types of content, you will surely find a template for that in Animoto. This tool will help you create videos from scratch and allow you to add voice-overs, background music, stock images, and more. Plus, this tool has loads of social media integration features to help you share your videos all over the internet without hassle. 

7. Kizoa

Even though this editing tool has an outdated UI and lacks a proper timeline feature, there are many features and endless editing options. There’s just one setback, Kizoa keeps adding extra time to clips when you try to add transitions to your videos. So, it’s better to use this tool to edit simple videos with minimal edits.

8. Magisto

Magisto is a tool that’s more like a generator of AI-powered videos, meaning that if you add a bunch of clips in this editor, this tool will assemble all of them quickly. That’s right; you won’t be able to do the editing unless you opt for a paid plan. This tool not only makes videos but also acts as a hosting and distribution platform.

9. Movie Maker Online

This free video editor lets you do perfectly ordinary video editing stuff. However, it is not the best, but it does the job if you navigate the interface properly. 

10. Online Video Cutter

This tool is offered by 1223Apps for free and comes with pretty basic features. Using this tool, you can do primary editing like trimming, cropping, and rotating. You won’t be required to sign up to access the features.

11. Powtoon

This video editing tool is designed for making animated videos. This tool can come in handy if you want to create simple cartoons to explain the business to customers, teach students a new lesson, and so on. There are plenty of templates, shapes, illustrated characters, and props to help you make great animations. This tool also allows you to publish your animations in PDFs and PowerPoints. 

12. Renderforest 

Renderforest is an editing app with a bunch of templates. You can add your images, video clips, texts, and that’s about it. This tool gives the users very little creative control, and the AI behind this leaves more scope for improvement.

13. Rocketium Online Video Creation Suite

This tool offers many innovative templates to users. Plus, you also get access to plenty of motion graphics and cool fonts. This app can be helpful for programmers because they can program a perfect video suiting their needs. 

14. Typito

This tool cannot be categorized under social media video editors and professional video editors. Typito is more like Adobe After Effects, meaning that this comes in handy if you want to add effects to your video once the main editing is done. Using this tool, you can add animated titles, captions, subtitles, and similar things. 

15. Video Toolbox

This free video creator online makes it easy to make quick changes to individual video files. You can use Video Toolbox to trim and crop your clips, extract raw audio, video, subtitles from various files, and more. 


This is a video editing tool with templates, graphics, watermarks, stickers, etc., that you commonly find in a basic video editor. You will find plenty of footage and stock images here as well. It is easy to use and provides you with good control over your creation.

17. WeVideo

WeVideo is a genuine, semi-professional video editing tool that comes with almost everything you will need for day-to-day video editing. You will get access to templates, stock images, video footage, audio, graphics, text-based motion graphics templates, and more. It is easy to learn and is pretty straightforward. Only the transition part is a setback, if you add transition, it’ll mess up the video/audio timing.

18. Wideo

This tool is a lot like Powtoon, but it handles video clips much better. You get all the essentials in this tool, such as templates, transitions, and illustrations. One thing that stands out in this tool is that if you want high-quality graphics, you’ll have the option to hire a professional to do the job for you.

The EndNote

Now that you know about the top free video editing websites on the internet, it’s time to rev up your editing skills and produce marvellous videos. Keep visiting this space to learn such interesting things about video editing.

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