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“The Matrix Resurrections”: The second trailer depicts the inner story of the film

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It is quite surprising as Warner Bros has dropped the second trailer of Keanu Reeves featuring The Matrix Resurrections on 6th December 2021. The second trailer contains most of the  Easter eggs and also some hidden information. It also has confirmed some of the theories that have been continued from the first trailer.

Neo still knows kung fu in the latest trailer for The Matrix Resurrections  - The Verge

The Matrix: Loops & Cycles

The trailer starts with the shot of the city that is based on the police who are reaching to a woman with that brai8ded hair like some of the officials who had tried to capture the Trinity I the first scene of The Matrix (1999). We have seen at the Déjà vu trailer of The Matrix Resurrections has been expressed that Ellen  Holman has played an alternating version of Trinity in The Matrix  Resurrections.

It has very common concepts in The Matrix franchise has been that the loops and cycles. In the Matrix Reloaded, The Architect depicts Neo that the latter is The One in the sixth iteration of that simulation, and also that there had been the others just like him before. There is the recreation of the first scene from the first matrix movie could be an indication of the loop in the Matrix.

The Matrix Resurrections': Keanu Reeves fights anew in first trailer

Name of the Coffee Shop: Simulate

The trailer just has been cult to the scene from where Nero has met with Carrie- Anne moss’s  Trinity.  At the behind there are once can be able it spot the word Simulate, that has been written in green.

In this Simulate is mainly the name of the coffee shop and also has been made up with the two words,  ‘Simulate’ and ‘Latte’. There this Simulate has indicated the fact about the Matrix is a simulation, ad their the word Latte indicates waking up and also embracing the truth.

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Reveals Agent Smith & New Neo Powers - NV
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Returning of Agent Smith

The second trailer strongly indicates that Jonathan Groff is Agent Smith. There it has reiterated the words of Hugo giving a look to Agent Smith from The Matrix, Groff says, “ billions of people just living out their lives… oblivious.”

 In this, the scene just has switched in between Weaving’s Smith and Groff that has been suggested that Neo is also now been able for recalling Smith. The mouth of Smith just melts and closes, similar to what Neo has been experienced in ‘The Matrix’ It seems like Neo is doing this to Smith for seeking revenge, or maybe Smith is doing fun of No to remind him about the vents from the first movie in the trilogy.

Matrix 4 Trailer Ignites Morpheus Theories | IndieWire

Morpheus give some offer to The Red Pill

The character of Yahya Abdul Mateen’s character that seems like a younger version of Morpheus has been appeared in yellow and offers someone ‘ The Red Pill’, which has been symbolizing ‘ choosing to know a life-changing truth, and also there is a reference from the Matrix. Morpheus has been seen to be donning bright colors at the different points in the trailer.

Neo returns in 'The Matrix Resurrections' trailer | Engadget

The matrix in the Matrix

There is a  scene in which Neo and Morpheus are in the theatre from The Matrix, and are being projected on the screen. It could be a metaphorical explanation for the fact that is every film of the Matrix franchise is a simulation within a simulation or a Matrix within a Matrix. This film may realize Neo that had been in the simulation.

Jessica Henwick has seen to be played the character named Bugs. In this Bugs is a blue-haired gunslinger with the White Rabbit tattoo. In this Henwick has been described  the  character as the audience’s eyes.”

The Matrix 4 Trailer Breakdown: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and...Smith?! - Den  of Geek

Mirrors to be  a Portals

It seems that Bugs and Morpheus are just trying for awaking Neo up to make him realize that he has been trapped in the simulation, and just like he has been living in the false simulation of reality in the first part of the Matrix.

Mirrors also will play such an important part in The Matrix Resurrections like they have been served as the portals.

In one of the scenes, Morpheus has seen himself in the mirror for where the trickling water has resembled the Matrix’s green code. In this, the Mirrors are also in the symbolism for Ali8ce in Wonderland.

In one of the most important scenes of the trailer, Neo is arriving at The Construct, which is a virtual workspace created to run the simulations, and has been said that he has been remembered the place.

What the Matrix 4 Resurrections Trailer Reveals | Time

Machines inside the Real World

We have seen power plants from where thousands o0f humans have been connected to the Matrix. There are two ships that have been shaped like an insect that is seen in the real world, and also could mean that humans are also using the machines.

There are also the Mnemosyne that has been replaced that Nebuchadnezzar. Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory, and that will be one of the recruiting themes of the film.

In this trailer of déjà vu, there have just two meanings one is a glitch in the Matrix, and the two is the feeling of re-experiencing something. It contains a number of scenes  Neo who is moving in and also out of the Matrix. Neo has been treated by the machines, and also Morpheus has said that the machines have made him believe that the world of the simulation was all that he has been deserved. in one of the scenes, it has seen Neo has been tried to jump off a building for escaping the simulation and enter reality. It seems that the film is likely to focus on the importance of mental health.

Morpheus has told to Neo that a part of him already knows what is actual reality, which for Neo, is the Trinity.

Time to Fly! The First Trailer for THE MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS Has Arrived! —  GeekTyrant

Niobe as the lead of the  war against the AI

In the trailer, Niobe is one of the important revelations, that has been seen in Zion, the real world. She has been told to Neo that it is very easy to forget the amount of noise that the Matrix has pumped into one’s head and that there is something else that has made v the same kind of noise, the war. She has suggested that she may have been continued that battle against the machines, and also probably the leader of the human race in this real world.

In this trailer, we have also seen Sati played by Priyanka Chopra, who has said that the most important choice in Neos’ s life is not his to make.

The Matrix Resurrections' Trailer: Is Trinity the Real Hero? - Variety

Neo as the protector of Trinity

Neo will remember everything and also will bring his memories back to protect Trinity, who has told him that a part of her is believing that she has been waiting for Neo as her whole life. In the rooftop scene, there is Trinity who has told that Neo her dream ended here on the roof, which means she had been successfully come out with the simulation and could remember the past.

At the ending of the trailer, we have seen that Neo is fighting with Smith, and saying. “I still know Jung fu”, which is another reference to the first film.

Release date

The Matrix Resurrections has set to release on 22nd December 2021.

Here is the trailer:

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