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What Games Are There to Look Forward To?

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Gamers who have been keeping up to date with the industries latest releases will know that the industry is in a state right now. It seems that every triple-A release that has been promised to be good fails to deliver on expectations, a result of the industry progressing so much. Audiences know how far the gaming industry has come and have altered their expectations accordingly. This makes sense too, even when just considering past examples of games that studios have released. If past examples are good, which also likely received less money to create them, how can the newest instalments be worse?

The way the industry has shaped itself this year calls into question the matter of triple-a games, and what this term truly means. One only must look at the release of the two biggest shooters in the industry, Call of Duty and Battlefield, to get an idea of the disasters that have ensued. In the case of Call of Duty Vanguard, players received a game that lacked a campaign and had a lacklustre Zombies mode. In addition to this, the multiplayer has been noted by some to be uninspiring and lacking, and it seems at this point, the Call of Duty series has reached a lull. The release of Battlefield 2042 tells a similar story, though this game is arguably worse and one only needs to go online and check the reviews to see that this is the case.

It is incredible that the industry has come so far in terms of revolutionary new games and technological progress to find itself where it is now. Audiences used to see video games like Grand Theft Auto V, an example that still proves to be a classic. In this game, players can meet each other, go out to eat, watch a film or even visit an in-game casino. This would be useful to those who live in regions such as India, where the legality of gambling is strict. However, players can always visit real money casino sites in India where they will find they might be able to engage in the activity.

For many gamers, the only desirable direction to look to is forward, to see if some heroic studios can emerge and save the industry from itself. It has become apparent that players can scarcely rely on the mega studios to do this, so what are the most exciting upcoming games?

What Games Are There to Look Forward To?

Elden Ring – It seems like this game has been teased forever, but players can expect to get a great game on the day of release. From the creators of Dark Souls and A Song of Ice and Fire, this game promises to be excellent.

TES VI – Though still some time off, Bethesda has always succeeded in creating games that appeal to the masses. It is likely that the successor to one of the best games of all time, Skyrim, will be no different.

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Overwatch 2 – The first Overwatched popularised the hero shooter genre and proved to be one of the best competitive games of all time. Gamers can expect the sequel to do all this even better.

Those are some of the best games that are in the works right now and gamers will be hoping that those releases deliver, unlike some recent examples.

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