Monday, January 17, 2022

Aftermath is a new narrative-driven psychological thriller coming for PC and next-gen consoles

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Aftermath, a new narrative-driven psychological thriller in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, has been unveiled by Italian developer One O One Games and publisher META.

Players assume the character of former European astronaut Charlie Gray, who is urgently seeking for her daughter on a shattered planet in the aftermath of something awful. The magnitude of that cataclysmic catastrophe is hinted at in the cinematic trailer, which can be viewed at the top of this page.

Although there is crafting and (of course) fighting, Aftermath seeks to focus on the story. According to One O One CEO David Gallo, Aftermath “aims to present a mature tale using survival mechanisms, one that deviates from the traditional wilderness settings found in similar games. We’re thrilled to be able to introduce folks to the strange world we’re building and the characters that inhabit it!”

Aftermath has no defined release date or timeframe as of yet, although the developer and publisher promise frequent updates on its progress till 2022. You may add it to your Steam wishlist.

Key Features

  • A Powerful Human Story – What form does humanity take when faced with unimaginable events? Do we unite and become stronger, or do we fall apart? Does our past still shape us, or do we find strength in focusing on what could be? AFTERMATH delves deeply into philosophical, psychological, and other questions that might get asked if we find ourselves in an impossible situation.
  • Unique Visual Design – With stunning aesthetics created by the brilliant mind of enigmatic Italian visual arts master Alessandro Bavaria, the artist behind the design of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant and Suspiria.
  • Realistic Crafting – AFTERMATH uses Charlie’s engineering mind and scientific approach to create a new take on crafting, rather than a simple system. Observe and take notes of your surroundings to invent a blueprint and then find and combine the necessary parts to adapt and overcome.
  • Stay Healthy, Stay Ready – Eating the right food, maintaining mental health and physical stamina keeps you one step ahead of your enemy, helping you stay alert and ready to outwit your opponents.
  • Face Your Foe – Charlie is being hunted by an unseen adversary. Unfold the mystery of this seemingly invincible “hunter” and use every facet of your arsenal to outwit them and survive. But what other forces could be lurking in the remains of the city and beyond? What fate has fallen humanity?
  • A Familiar Setting – Explore a detailed recreation of a city steeped in history, defragmented by the terrifying power of an ancient alien artifact, looming ominously above.
  • Life and Death are a Mystery – Charlie is locked in a waking nightmare. What is happening and why is a core mystery that plagues Charlie’s every moment. If death isn’t the end, then what is?
  • An Original Soundtrack – AFTERMATH features a rich and varied soundtrack, featuring original work from artists such as UNKLE, Planet Funk, and many more.


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