Thursday, January 27, 2022

Fortnite set to bring new animals in Season 3

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Fortnite has steadily developed, with plenty of meta changes, feature additions and deletions, as well as a changing list of weapons and equipment, the battle royale title manages to preserve its relevancy by making near-constant modifications to its formula. This looks to be the case for the upcoming Fortnite season, which will witness the arrival of a new sort of animal on the island.

The ever-popular battle royale title is nearing the end of not just Season 8, but also its second chapter. With Fortnite’s “Cubed” season coming to an end with The Convergence, Chapter 2 is ready to go out with a bang. “The Finish,” the Chapter 2 conclusion, has announced its start and end dates, which are expected to annihilate all lifeforms. Regardless, at least one animal will be discovered in the aftermath.

HYPEX, a well-known Fortnite leaker and data miner, has revealed the newest animal to be introduced to Epic Games’ free-to-play blockbuster. HYPEX discusses the stolen information on their official Twitter account. Seagulls, according to the leaker, will be the next animal to appear in Fortnite. They disclose that the seagulls appear in a piece of concept art for Chapter 3 set in a tropical or beach scene, which may represent a new region identified on the map in the following chapter. While HYPEX is unsure when the Seagulls will come, the current idea is that they will appear in Season 1.

The inclusion of seagulls expands Fortnite’s animal roster, making them the game’s 11th animal in total. Fortnite’s animals, which were first introduced in Chapter 2 of Season 3, maybe interact in some ways. The longest-tenured fauna on the map is Supply Llamas and Loot Shark, with a slew of tamable creatures added during Season 6. Crows from Season 8 are the most recent addition, with the possibility to yield rich prizes when defeated. There is no information on how seagulls function, so gamers will have to keep a watch out in the future.

Although the inclusion of seagulls in Fortnite seems intriguing, it pales in contrast to another Chapter 3 report. According to another HYPEX leak, a new throwable axe weapon will be available in Chapter 3. Except for images of the rendered model, the leaker has no information on the new weapon. The axe has blue highlights and is covered with Meowscles stickers, which might imply a link. Some fans speculate that it may be God of War’s Leviathan Axe based on the phrase “throwable,” but nothing has been verified.

The pair of leaked bits of material appears to be a strong indication that Fortnite will alter its formula once more for the upcoming Chapter 3. If the alleged sliding mechanism is implemented, it might be the largest meta shift the game has seen in years.

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