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Volvo wants to make the whole windshield into a smart AR display

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Volvo Buses has a long history of debuting new safety technology for vehicles that frequently trickles down to other automakers over time. The company has blazoned that it has invested in an optic imaging  incipiency company called Spectralics. Volvo says the company is working on a “promising technology” that the company admits is at an early stage of development. Still, the new technology could make vehicles much safer and help to ameliorate the in- auto experience for motorists.

The Swedish automaker is presently funding a incipiency, Spectralics, to develop new tech that could turn the windshield into a massive heads-up display. Spectralics lately introduced commodity calledmulti-layer thin combiner (MLTC). It’s a thin film that can be applied to transparent shells and allow images to be overlayed onto the face.

With the tech, Volvo claims they could produce a heads-up display throughout the entire windshield where virtual objects are concentrated on top of the real- life view out of the windshield. As a result, it could give the motorist and inhabitants with a further immersive driving experience. The automaker could also use the tech to display further   driving information similar as advanced pollutants for colorful operations, in- cabin seeing, eyeless-proof front- looking cameras, and digital holographic protrusions.

Volvo’s system not only relies on the display film but also requires the vehicle to come withanti-blind zone cameras and detectors. The windshield can display navigation information and real- time speed. In the dark night or in an terrain with poor visibility, the frontal glass can also display images acquired by auto detectors and cameras. They’re superimposed on the real picture. This helps the motorist to drive safely in thick fog or rain and snow. The buses with similar technology will timely determine the obstacles ahead and help hinder- end collisions.

As cool as a heads-up display for the entire windshield sounds, Volvo has yet to say when the technology will be ready for commercialization. The automaker didn’t expose information on which vehicles will come with MLTC tech moreover.

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