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HBO Max has mistakenly uploaded the R-rated version of Birds of Prey film

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Harley Quinn is set to come with Birds of Prey. It seems that HBO mistakenly includes the censored version of Birds of Prey to the streaming services at some point. At last, it has been replaced with the R-rated version and letting all of the viewers indulge all of the curse words and the crude gestures that have been starred within the spinoff of the Suicide Squad.

The head of communications Johanna Fuentes at the parent company of BO Warner Media has gone out the tweet on Saturday night by declaring that the unedited version WarnerMedia, has been sent out a tweet on a Saturday night for announcing that the unedited versions of the movie are returning on HBO Max. She has written in reply to the tweet about the mistake of HBO Max, ” The Original versions of #BirdsOfPrey is now available on HBO Max”.

Birds of Prey: Details

UPDATED: Birds of Prey TV Edit Was 'Mistakenly Added' to HBO Max | 411MANIA

All the fans have been noticed that the film was censored; Fuentes confirmed that there are two versions of the movie one is a  clean one for the broadcast cable, and the other is the unedited version of the streaming  Fuentes that has been noted that the Birds of Prey will be” Updated on Max”, and that the only the uncensored version that will be revealed on to the platform.

Tweet from HBO Max primarily stated that the platform had “ no information” on while it would get the unedited version back, but it will turn out to return the R-rated version sooner than we thought.

It has been noted that the uncensored version was just previously available on HBO Max until it has set to left entirely from the platform on November 14th. Since it has been returning, the viewers noticed that despite being labelled as the R-rated for ” suggestive dialogue, language”,. And “ Violence”.

Censored 'Birds of Prey' Movie Accidentally Uploaded to HBO Max | TVLine

This film is mainly filled with the dubbed over and also the blurred-out swear words. It has also shown  Harley Quinn, who is making the signs of peace with both by her hands, as a peace breaker it does not deserve from her.

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She should use signs like bird-flipping. Notably, the film has been opened with such warning, “This film has been modified as followed down the original version: It has been edited for content.” This is the same message that appeared at the starting of the TV-14 version and has been aired on TNT has been reported by CBR.


There are also some fans who have directly come to the end that HBO Max is deliberately censored the flick, as HBO Max is a long-considered network for the edgier content. It has been observed that HBO max has buckled down n on some of its content in the past, like when it has been removed launcher titled Cathouse and Real Sex from HBO Go in 2018. The platform has recently m altered the poster for the classic horror film The Evil Dead.

There is artwork mainly shown on the arm and has been reaching out from  Underwater and clutching the woman by her throat, and has been changed for the removal from the arm from the picture.

The Verge has now been reached out to Warner Media to request the comment that had not hear from back.

A big thanks for the source.

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