Friday, January 21, 2022

Squid Game has a new home and its in CS:GO

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Squid Game is a Netflix-produced Korean drama that has attained incredible success since its September 2021 debut. It features desperate people competing in lethal adaptations of children’s games for a monetary prize. It has inspired a slew of knockoffs in the videogame industry, as well as one in real life.

A cursed monkey’s claw curled somewhere, and we may now play Squid Game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The project was created by user Ansimist and a small crew, and it includes all of the show’s biggest songs, including a recreation of my old adversary, Red Light, Green Light.

The custom maps and models look excellent, and the Source engine still seems like a good match for this type of game. Source’s modder-friendliness and simplicity of use, unique physics simulation, and the speed and accuracy of movement it provides players all warrant it for inclusion in the Squidlike genre.

Animist and company modified the cookie-cutter game from the show by having you use your combat knife to split apart an in-game cookie, while Squid Game’s tug of war appears to have made an appearance as a type of collective quick time event.

Here’s how the mod creators – Ansimist, Console, and DepoSit – themselves describe each mode:

“Red Light, Green Light” – you must cross a field in which for every extra move the player can be dead

  • “Cookie” – the game where you have to cut the shape out of a candy
  • “Tug of War” – here the name speaks for itself. Players are divided into teams and start to pull the rope at speed, so as not to be at the bottom
  • “Marbles” is an old children’s game of odd-even. A player makes a bet and also tries to guess the opponent’s bet
  • “The Glass Tile Game” is a small bridge consisting of ordinary and tempered glass. Jumping over the tempered glass will lead you straight to victory while the regular glass will be your ticket to the other side. After the remaining players reach the edge of the bridge, here is the final stage called “Not a Squid Game” comes. Players get knives and have a melee fight where only one winner will emerge.
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