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“Vikings: Valhalla(Season 1)”: All the latest updates that We Know about the series

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It seems that the Vikings: Valhalla, series is the latest spin-off in the History Channel’s Signature of the Vikings series on Netflix in 2022 and this has already been renewed for the third season. In the year 2021 Netflix original has come global at the point. Vikings: Valhalla is the upcoming Netflix Original drama that has been created by Michael Hirst and it is also the spin-off of the famous History Channel series, this series has been produced by MGM Productions like the previous.

This series has already started to stream on Netflix in most of the regions of the whole world and also it will arrive on Netflix in the US and also in the UK but not before 2024. It is reported that this series has already been ordered for the huge episodes upfront. It has been ordered for the three seasons also with 24 episodes.

Vikings: Valhalla season 1—Synopsis, cast, trailer and more

Hirst has said that it could not be on the greater scale than the final one of his Vikings as the armies and the armies and the huge battles that they had and it’s true that you really cannot get the much bigger than it mainly. What he can say is that is being made at the same places and a lot of it.

They return to Kattegat which is definitely the spiritual home of the Vikings but this time it’s a changed  Kattegat. It is undoubtedly the biggest port in Europe. It has grown up in size and also significance. In this, the King of England will become the Viking. This Viking has overrun most of the England that they own the Normandy.

In this Jeb Stuart is on the board to write down who is very known for his role on the film that is included with The Fugitive from 1993, Die Hard from 1988, and also working on The Liberator for Netflix.

Vikings: Valhalla’s First Look on Netflix

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Before we dig into the gritty details of the new show, you probably want to have a gander at the show. Fortunately, we’ve had two first looks at the show.

The first look at Vikings: Valhalla was released as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week on June 7th, 2021.

Then at Netflix’s TUDUM event, the lid was lifted with a lot of fresh pictures and a new trailer.

The new trailer came with the caption “Now is our time to make history. A new era of warriors will rise in Vikings: Valhalla, coming to Netflix in 2022.”

Vikings Valhalla First Look

Vikings: Valhalla: Plot

The plot is based on 100 years after the events of Vikings, the end of the Viking era that has drawn ever closer as the Kingdom of England that has stood tall in front of Scandanavian raiders. After King Edward become died the confessor, three lords have made the claim for the English throne to change the future of England forever.

Netflix has updated that the all-new VIKINGS: VALHALLA has started in the early 11th century that has been chronicling the legendary adventures of some of the popular Vikings who had lived Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardrada, and also the Norman King William who is the Conqueror. In this, the men and the women will bless the entire path just like they fight for survival in this ever-changing world.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 Netflix Release Date, Trailer and Synopsis

Vikings: Valhalla: Cast

In this series we will see Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson, Frida Gustavsson as Freydis Eriksdotter, Leo Suter as Sigurdsson, Bradley Freegard as King Canute, Johannes Haukur Johannesson as Olaf Haraldson, Laura Berlin as Emma of Normandy,  David Oakes as Earl Godwin, Caroline Henderson as Jarl Haakon, Pollyanna McIntosh as the Queen AElfgifu,  Asbjorn Krogh Nissen as Jarl Kare, Yvonne Mai as Merin, Bill Murphy as Odga, Bosco Hogan as Aethelred ‘the Unready’, Karen Connell as Angel of Death, Gavan O’Connor Duffy as Njall, Kenneth Christensen still not confirm, Louis Davison as Edward, Brian Robinson as Yngvi, Jack Mullarkey as Toke besides we will also see Alfrun Laufeyjardottir, Ethan Dillon, Paaru Oja.

vv collage

The three episodes of season one of the series have been directed by Steve Saint Leger, Niels Arden Oplev who is the Danish director has also helmed such episodes of the series as Mr. Robot and Under the Dome, we will also see Hannah Quinn among the first season directors of Vikings: Valhalla. In this, we will also see Trevor Morris in this Valhalla.

Vikings: Valhalla: Cast from Original Vikings series

We will be going to see the cast from the first and most notable actor from Vikings that will appear in Valhalla is John Kavanagh as confirmed by his agency CV. He portrayed the Ancient Seer throughout all six seasons of Vikings and later on started appearing in some characters’ visions. We assume he will be appearing in visions in Valhalla as well.

Vikings The Seer

Other cast members from Vikings that will appear in Valhalla include Karen Connell, Bosco Hogan, and Gavan O’Connor Duffy. Connell appeared in Vikings as the Angel of Death so we assume she will have the same role as well, while Hogan and Duffy will have entirely new roles. In Vikings, they appeared as Abbot of Lindisfarne and King Frodo respectively.

Vikings: Valhalla: New Cast

  • Steve Saint Leger is currently pegged to direct three episodes of season one. He’s not only directed a number of episodes in the main Vikings series but also is set to direct in Netflix’s Barbarians arriving in late 2020.
  • Niels Arden Oplev, the BAFTA-winning Danish director who helmed episodes for such series as Mr. Robot and Under the Dome is also set to direct one or more episodes for the first season of Valhalla.
  • Hannah Quinn has also been confirmed to be among the directors of the first season of Vikings: Valhalla. Her most recent works include Fate: The Winx SagaandThe Stranger, both on Netflix.
  • Trevor Morris who serves as the composer for much of season six of Vikings will return for Valhalla. His other credits include The TudorsandHunter Killer.

Vikings: Valhalla: Production status

Vikings: Valhalla had started its preproduction from the beginning of this year, but was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, it was resumed in July 2020 and now we can confirm that filming has started in Ashford Studios, Ireland as of August 2020. We don’t know exactly how long filming will last, but originally it was planned to be from March to October 2020.

Harry Warren The Vikings 1 1

On another note, we’re hearing that the second season of Vikings: Valhalla is in already development. Considering that the previous Vikings seasons were filmed with not very big intervals, we could expect Vikings: Valhalla season two to enter production sometime in the second half of 2021 for a possible late 2022 or early 2023 release.

Harry Warren The Vikings 3

In September 2020 we got a few more photos from the set. Below, you can see a gallery of photos from the first weeks of filming at Ashford Studios. As you can see, it is clearly Kattegat. Many of the pictures are from Broadsheet‘s Harry Warren.

On October 8th, 2020 it was reported by The Irish Times that filming for Vikings: Valhalla was suspended that week after a dozen of cast and crew members tested positive for Covid. Later that week production resumed after it was cleared that those were only false positives and the cast and crew members were fine. The production halt only lasted a few days and the Vikings were back to their Viking business.


In late November 2020 cast and crew started to post updates about wrapping production on Vikings: Valhalla after filming for four months. It is unknown how much material have they filmed and whether this is a real season one wrap or a Christmas/Covid hiatus until early 2021.

image1 1

In March 2021, reported that filming of Vikings: Valhalla has been halted by two months. The casting of extras and actors has been halted as well.

Vikings: Valhalla: Filming Status

As mentioned above, pre-production has already resumed and the location is a very dear and familiar place for Vikings fans: Ashford Studios, Wicklow, Ireland. This is the place where most of the original Vikings series was being filmed for many years. To add to that, back in 2019, after filming of the final season of Vikings was finished, Ashford Studios secured permission for a €90m expansion, allowing them to build five new studios and support space. This will likely reflect on the production quality of Vikings: Valhalla.

vikings valhalla behind the scenes shot copy

With the main production hub being the same for Valhalla, we can expect to see many familiar external Irish locations that are just nearby. We can also expect many of the same crew working on the Viking’s spinoff.

Vikings: Valhalla: Episodes

It has been confirmed that 24 episodes of Viking: Valhalla have been ordered. It is a lot of episodes for Netflix as a typical amount at anywhere in between eight and thirteen. It is expected that this season will also be split into two parts just like the previous. It indicates that there will be twelve episodes of Vikings for season one.

Vikings: Valhalla' Season 1 Officially Wraps Up Post-Production at Netflix  [Exclusive] | Midgard Times

Original Series Updates

It has informed that currently, Vikings is available on Hulu and Amazon in the US. It does not seem that Vikings: Valhalla will include the six seasons of Vikings. As Amazon has purchased MGM so it is expected that the claw will come back to Amazon Prime mainly.

A big thanks for the source.

Read1: “Vikings: Valhalla(Season 1)”: All the latest updates about the series

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