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“Hollyoaks”: The new trailer exposed some new characters in this winter

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Hollyoaks has currently dropped the latest trailer for the winter, and this time it seems that the village is going to welcome some of the new and also the troubling residents. It has been confirmed that it will welcome five new characters who have decided to come to the village. All the things here are definitely related to the frosty, folks.

It is assumed that this channel 4 soap will gear up to get the better winter, and there are also some of the festive in also, it has been confirmed that this latest trailer of Hollyoaks’s series has been confirmed about the impending arrival of such five new members.

Hollyoaks kills off a major character in explosive plot, with another  making dramatic exit in explosive Autumn trailer - Celebrity Tidings

Hollyoaks: Plot

We will definitely see some of the previous cast. The new cast members are Matthew James-Bailey and Ky Discala who have been confirmed to play the ole  Ethan and Maya. If you are an Oak viewer then you will get a brief glimpse of the troublemaker Ethan and earlier this month, bet it has been confirmed that he will officially debut the first look E4 episode on 26th November.

Hollyoaks explosive summer trailer sees Lucy-Jo Hudson return as Donna  Marie Quinn - 247 News Around The World

The girlfriend of Ethan. Maya who is herself is a  terrible crime and has appeared for the first time on 29th November. We have seen Ethan for the first time while it Darren Osbourne had been kidnapped, in the new trailer, we have seen that a much darker potential outcome, as Ethan plans to kill the fan-favorite character.

Somehow, Ethan has found himself under pressure due to his girlfriend Maya, who has left no bones unturned of people in their life. Now the village Fatale is looking out for this ‘Female Fatale. It has revealed several new characters like Honour- who is the new prison psychiatrist of Warren Fox, and we will also see Lizzie who is the loved one for Sid Sumner.

New Hollyoaks trailer reveals baby kidnapping, Darren death and Liberty  exit - Opera News

On speaking about Sid, all the fans may have been noticed for the returning of Galaxy in the winter preview. It is reported that this time she will return as Serena, then her time alias and it is just looking like she just has very close contact with the latest date of Sid, that is Lizzie.

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If we talk about the joining of the Hollyoaks family, Matthew James-bailey told that his first scenes as Ethan have been “incredibly fun” in the movie.

Hollyoaks spoilers next week | Peri trapped by her stalker - Radio Times

He has teased that “I won’t give too much away, but Ethan is here for shaking things up and also bring a new, albeit ‘manic’, energy to the village and unfortunately for Darren”. He also said, “ and he won’t be the last who have the displeasure to meet with Ethan… Ethan’s definitely coming in with a bang.”

In this Ky Discala has also been thrilled to join the cast for playing the role of Maya, and saying that it has been great to play the soap’s “new female villain”. The actress also become shocked after getting the news that she will going to join to the case and also play the role of Maya and that is just like a good opportunity for her to play the role

Ky added,” She is ruthless”. “Unfortunately for Darren, he was her next victim, which not only sees to him but the entire village on their toes..”.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Autumn trailer reveals stunt, death and explosion |  Metro News

Hollyoaks: Release Date

It is reported that this new episode of the series comes from Mondays to Fridays at 6:30 pm on Channel 4, with the first look that is screenings at 7 pm on E4. You can also watch the Selected omnibus episodes through Amazon Prime Video.

Here is the trailer:

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