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Spider-Man now has more villains to deal with in No Way Home: Know Everything Here


At last, Sony Pictures has dropped the official trailer of the Spider-Man: No Way Home. The trailer is just like the collaboration of the villains. After watching the trailer, it seems like the first solo outing of Tom Holland.

It will be the sixth appearance in an MCU film.  While Peter comes to Doctor Strange’s home, Sanctum Sanctorum, and says that his entire life becomes screwed up while Mysterio reveals his identity. After he had considered his wish, all the villains from multiple universes started to come in. Before doing this, Strange warns him that this spell has brought many new visitors from every universe.

This second trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home has shown the gathering of the villain from the multiverse and taking advantage as Holland’s Spider-man becomes alone against all of them. Now Strange and Spider-man have to round up to send them back, and it also has been confirmed that all of the foes were once killed by different versions of Spider-Man in their own universes.

All the villains are come together, like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, and Sandman, who has completed the total number of villains to five. Till now, we have not seen another Spider-man that was rumoured, so the situation becomes complicated for Holland’s Spider-man.

Here is the list of all the villains:

5. Lizard

We have seen Lizard previously in Maguire Spider-man and Garfield’s first Amazing Spider-man film and Curt Connors played Lizard’s role. In the trailer, we have just seen Lizard sitting at the top of the roller coaster, with Sandman and Electro, and taking the high jump from that height that is seriously mesmerizing.

4. Sandman

In Spider-man 3, we have seen Sandman. The church was played the role of the Sandman, and now he also has returned in this Spider-Man film. In the trailer, we have seen Sandman is showing his power by bringing some sandstorm into the city, and in one scene, we see Sandman, Electro, and Lizard together as he is the entrance that all the creatures have come from the multiverse. The Sandman has taken his form a face-like structure and started to destroy things and show his power.

3. Electro

It is one of the powerful villains in the Spider-Man franchise. Jamie Foxx was played the role of Electro, and now the casting of him once again was confirmed from 2020. Foxx also has confirmed his return on his social media account. This time Electro has been redesigned and his outlook of him has completely changed.

We have seen him in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and previously we have seen him with blue lightning, but we will go to see him with yellow lightning in this film. After coming from the multiverse, he starts to show his powers and says, ”You are not going to take this away from me”.

We have seen him flying in the by and spreading his yellow lightning wave to the entire city and destroying buildings. The look is completely different from the previous film, and Spider-Man is chasing from his wave. In one scene we have seen he is throwing his wave into the tower and Octopus is felling from it.

2. Green Goblin

It is one of the most known and terrible villains to return in this new film. Green Goblin has seen this time instead of his pumpkin bombs. Green Goblin also came at the starting of the trailer.  All the Spider-man film has a history that the best friends of Peter Parker turn into an enemy, we have been him previously in Spider-Man film. In this William Dafoe was played the role of Norman Osborn.

This time we will also be going to see him once again in the role of Green Goblin. In the trailer, we have heard his voice saying, “Peter you are struggling”, and he starts to create problems by throwing his pumpkin bombs. The suit seems to be seen as it was in the Spider-man film.

1. Dr. Octopas

In the second trailer, we see Doctor Ock, who was one of the terrible and powerful villains of Spider-Man. At the beginning of the trailer, we have seen him and give a warm welcome to Spider-man by saying, “Hello! Peter”. Previously Molina had played the role of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2.

In Spider-Man 2, we have seen him with his terrible machine four hands now in this film; due to the use of the multiverse, he will return back to the MCU. He is looking the same as he was in the past. Holland, Spider-Man, will fight with him, and Octopus’s four steel hand is chasing him. After he caught Spider-Man, he said that he is not that Spider-Man whom he knows.

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