Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sega is bringing Alien: Isolation to Mobile

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Alien: Isolation will be available on mobile devices “without compromise” as part of a bundle that contains the basic game as well as all seven DLC packs, according to Sega.

The publisher has confirmed that the survival horror game will be released on iOS an According to a press statement, publisher has confirmed that the survival horror game will be launched for iOS and Android devices. and Android devices, according to a press release. The game, which is said to be entirely converted for touchscreen devices, will be available for $14.99/£12.99 starting December 16 for lovers of the brand.

“The award-winning sci-fi masterpiece’s breathtaking AAA visuals, fascinating narrative, and terrifying atmosphere have been flawlessly recreated for phones and tablets,” Sega said in a statement. “On mobile, this is the complete survival horror experience with no compromises.”

According to the publisher, the game will have its own “bespoke, fully customizable interface” tailored toward touchscreen play. That being said, Sega was also keen to point out that players would also be able to “fine-tune the game to their playing style” which essentially translates to the notion that gamepads will also be supported.

Even though Alien: Isolation was first released for PC in 2014, the game’s “without compromise” port to mobile remains impressive. The porting of a game to a mobile device “without sacrifice” is still significant. There’s a high potential for a mobile conversion if the Switch version of the game is any indicator, with the Switch version’s graphics, in particular, being acclaimed upon release.

For more on the Alien franchise, see this post about Ridley Scott’s belief that the Alien TV show he’s working on won’t be as excellent as the first film.

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