Thursday, December 9, 2021

PC makers have revealed the specifications of Alder Lake Non-K CPUs

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Intel’s 12th Generation Core ‘Alder Lake’ K-series desktop processors are finally here and enthusiasts are now overclocking their CPUs (K models). Intel is yet to introduce its ‘regular’ 12th-Gen processors designed for regular desktops, however, PC makers have started to list the processors along with their preliminary specifications.

But the interesting part is that Intel is planning to release non-K 12th Gen Core CPUs without integrated graphics. According to reports, Dell, Dospara (a Japanese PC maker), and some other retailers have begun to list their systems based on Intel’s non-K Alder Lake processors or the CPUs themselves this week, as noticed by @momomo_us (1, 2).

There is a strong demand for Intel’s 12th-Gen Core processors however, the overclockable CPUs are pretty expensive as of now. And because the demand for Alder Lake is high thus the suppliers have listed cheaper non-K versions even though they aren’t currently available.

Coming to the availability of the Alder Lake, some optimistic retailers from the Netherlands expect that Intel’s Core i3-12100, Core i5-12400, Core i5-12500, and Core i9-12900 to be on shelves as early as November 26, 2021.

 ConfigurationP-Core ClocksE-Core ClocksCacheTDP
Core i9-12900K / KF8P + 8E | 24 threads3.20 ~ 5.20 GHz2.40 ~ 3.90 GHz30MB125W
Core i9-129008P + 8E | 24 threads2.40 ~ 5.10 GHz1.80 ~ ? GHz30MB65W
Core i9-12900F8P + 8E | 24 threads2.40 ~ 5.? GHz1.80 ~ ? GHz30MB65W
Core i7-12700K / KF8P + 4E | 20 threads3.60 ~ 5.0 GHz2.70 ~ 3.80 GHz25MB125W
Core i7-12700 / F8P + 4E | 20 threads2.10 ~ 4.90 GHz1.60 ~ ? GHz25MB65W
Core i5-12600K / KF6P + 4E | 16 threads3.70 ~ 4.90 GHz2.80 ~ 3.60 GHz20MB125W
Core i5-126006P | 12 threads3.30 ~ ? GHz18MB125W
Core i5-12500?3.00 ~ ? GHz??
Core i5-12400F6P | 12 threads2.50 ~ ? GHz18MB65W
Core i3-12100 / F?3.30 GHz??

Other reports indicate that there are also organizations that demand low-end discrete graphics cards in their PC’s however, many large OEMs are now being reported to get CPUs with a disabled GPU from Intel.


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