Friday, December 3, 2021

Rumours say that Huawei might sell its server-oriented business

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It is reported that the technology giant of China has set to sell its x86 server business by following the US sanctioned by acquiring the challenge of chips. The company is trying to sell out the business of the server to the consortium that contains at least one government-backed buyer for the billions of yuan.

The latest news has been revealed from people familiar with this matter and has been set to become confirmed by Huawei. It has been claimed by the insider scoop that the US sanctions imposed on Huawei have been forcing the company for selling this side of its business. It is expected that sell off its server division to the Chinese consultation of private and public companies.

We will like to inform you that among the potential buys there is Henan Information Industry Investment Co. Ltd that is mainly by Zhengzhou-based state-owned firm that has been partnered with Huawei’s server-side business. In this the consumer electronics maker Huaqin Technology Co. Ltd and also has an asset management company is representing the Hubei Provincial government that is still running. It is also informed that Suzhou’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council also had been interested to buy the business.

It is also reported that under the administration of the Trump government the US impose sweeping sanctions on Huawei. Blocking the access to US equipment mostly Intel and AMD CPUs. The Biden Administration has been continued and has been tightened further those sanctions. Intel has provided such a brief license to sell to Huawei between September 2020 and May 2021 but now once again become blocked from doing this.

Huawei had been sold off their smartphone brand Honor to a consortium that has been led by the Shenzhen government and its submarine cable business to Chinese optical telecommunication network products company Hengtong Optic-Electric Co. In this, the Honor business is now once again starting to work with the US suppliers.

A big thanks for the source.

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