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“Money Heist (Season 5): Part 2”: Here are the top 7 unknown facts about the final part

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Netflix recently dropped the trailer of the Spanish robbery drama series Money Heist that has come to an end this December, but many things will keep you excited in the second half of Part 5. If you are unfamiliar with the series, then were would like to say to imagine the sequence if Ocean’s 11 and the Fast and Furious franchises have been smashed jointly.

In this long teaser, we will see that the Professor can be heard narrating the action. In Spanish, he has said that he just has lost people who are very close to him in the last few hours. He doesn’t want anyone to fall due to the heist; after that, it has been shown that the end is coming that has splashed along the screen for a couple of strategically placed such considerable weight during the brief.

There are also have a toxic drama pause in the music. In this context, the remaining trailer has been featured with such lead characters narrowly and has been avoiding such explosions, sneaking around for t6he avoidance of the enemies with guns. It also has lots and lots of guns.

This Money Heist has chronicled all the action-packed adventures and misadventures with the gang of the bank of robbers that have taken on to some of the largest institutions across Spain. In the beginning parts of the series, the characters have been broken into the Mint of Spain and mainly print themselves over $1 billion with the free money.

Here are the top 7 unknown facts:

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 Trailer Out Will Professor Alvaro Morte save  his gang after Tokyo Ursula Corbero death | Ott News – India TV

1. The Professor will be caught by police

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It is just like the heist team; Alicia has become one of the most wanted women in Spain, Europe, and Arguably the world. After the confrontation, the Professor, has knocked out Marseille and Benjamin, on this is the heavily pregnant Alicia for birth.

Lastly, we saw Alicia while she took the pair of players from the bathroom and hid them inside her sleeve. It indicates that Alicia is not entirely on the Professor’s side yet. There is also the great chance that she could be the catalyst for the downfall of the heist or, at the significantly less, the ending of Professor.

It is undeniable if Alicia betrays the Professor, and it is the last thing that she will want to do for spending her entire life on the run from the police when trying to raise her baby.

Money Heist 5 Part 2 exclusive clip: Professor has 'disappeared' and the  gang cannot decide about gold, watch video | Entertainment News,The Indian  Express

2. It is the ending of the heist team, or they will escape

Nairobi’s death is devastating for the entire team, and Tokyo’s death will also have a similar impact on their psyche. There is lefty the only thing that will keep Tamayo from sending the entire force of the police and army that is the Gold that is being held hostage and the fact that the Professor has the damning recording of the Colonel.

It is expected that we can see one or two of the heist team perish. Still, we can also expect to watch some of the survivors even if the entire heist has begun to retrieve Ripo from the hands of the police; he is now one of the few that we had expected to escape.

Money Heist season 5 part 2 | release date, cast, trailer and news - Radio  Times

3. The joining of Rafael into the heist

In this season, one of the subplots is the joining of Rafael as the cyber security whizz son of Berlin. After his reluctance and displeasure. Rafael eventually learned to enjoy the rush of stealing and look to join the family business. Those events have taken place before the heist of the Spanish Mint, and Rafael has yet to be seen or contained by the Professor in the heist.

Money Heist season 5: How is Tokyo still narrating if she is dead?

4. Tokyo is dead or not

It contains many twists and turns along with the series, but sadly no one can take four grenades for the chest and survive. The sacrifice of Tokyo has also given the team more time as she had been able to murder Gandia, Sagasta, and the majority of the Special Forces personnel.

Netflix's Money Heist to end with season 5, adds new cast |

5. We can see all the previous cast?

In this we will see Itziar Ituyno as Raquel Murillo, Pedro Alonso as Berlin, Miguel Herran as Rio, Jaime Lorento as Denver, Esther Acebo as Monica Gaztambide, Enrique Arce as Artuno Roman, Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo, Darko Peric as Helsinki, Najwa Nimri as  Alicia Sierra, Hovik Jeuchkerian as Bogota, Luka Peros as Marseille, Belen Cuesta as Manila, Fernando Cayo as Luis Tamayo, Fernando Soto as Angel Rubio, Jose Manuel Poga as Ceasar Gandia, Mario de la Rosa as Suarez.

Money Heist Season 5: Spoiler Alert! Professor & Co Devises A New Escape  Strategy

6. What is the episode count?

In this final Part of Money Heist, we will see 41 episodes on Netflix in total.

La Casa de Papel's Álex Pina: 'Money Heist' May Have Spinoffs

7. What is the release date of the final Part?

It has been set that the last and the final Part of the sere s will release on 3rfd December 2021 globally.

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