Tuesday, November 30, 2021

“Battlefield 2042”: The trailer of the film shows the future of Tom Brady playing football has been dropped

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The incredible trailer of Battlefield 2042 has been dropped, and it has been contained with some of the nods that will provide us with such a brief idea about the world of how it will actually look in the year 2042. It has revealed the cruising of the soldier along with the futuristic city.

It seems that at the one point the soldier becomes stops and stares at the billboard that will show such a certain football player Tom Brady who has been celebrated for becoming the MVP 2042. This is nothing but the joke based on Brady’s unprecedented longevity in the NFL and also how to be keeping this at the high level into9 the mid-40s. In 2042 Brady will become 65 years old.

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This video is mai9nly revealing such YouTube Gaming Arena that seems to become the reference in this world of competitive gaming that is growing into the large scale by the year 2042, this video platform also has its own real arena world.

It seems that the title of the video also has been indicating to the reference of the 1998 episode of The Simpsons the place where Jasper has emerged from the freezer, and thinking about him to be awoken in the future, and viewing a Moon Pie before the declaration, “What a time to be alive”.

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This latest trailer of Battlefield 2042 has lighthearted and also has its own lore that has been suggested about the year 2042 that is a very difficult time. The US and Russia become locked in such proxy war and also in the changing of the climate that has been left the world with dire straits.

In this you will play as the “No-Pat”, who is a person belonging from one of the several countries that have been collapsed due to the worsening of climate change, resource dwindles, and governments becoming failing.

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This time we will see Tom Brady is still continuing his playing with the football. This Battlefield 2042 has been launched on 19th November for a platform like PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC for more.

Here is the trailer:

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