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Here is the list of other similar tragic accidents like Alec Baldwin’s accident that took place on the set

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Alec Baldwin was fired by the prop gun at Haylna Hutchins and was shot dead during the filming of the movie Rust. The director named Joel Souza was also got injured which was supposed to be blank. After being injured she was rushed by helicopter and was died shortly after that at the University of New Mexico Hospital of Albuquerque.

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The tragic accident of Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza on the set of Rust is not the first incident that took place. Similarly, this type of incident also took place previously. Here we present the list of some similar tragic incidents that took place on the set:-

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is the son of Bruce Lee who has suffered a similar firing by Alec Baldwin at Hutchins. In 1993 he has become the victim of a shot to the stomach and was shot dead that should have fired a blank.


Jon-Erik Hexum

While Jon-Erik Hexum was filming for Cover-Up in the year 1984 on the 12th of October, in a scene that had an involvement of gun where the director has taken a numerous number of repeated takes. Hexum has become unhappy and started playing with the gun, without knowing that it was loaded. He pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger, fracturing his skull and dying from internal bleeding.


A dead pilot in Top Gun

In the year 1985, a Top Gun stunt pilot died after losing control over the plane and crashed in the Pacific.

Heath Ledger and another death in Batman

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Ledger passed away from an overdose in 2008, but Conway Wickliffe died on set in a chase scene as his car hit a tree.

A specialist actor died in Madrid’s Viaducto de Segovia

In 2000, a 21-year-old specialist actor died while jumping from the Viaducto de Segovia in a scene depicting suicide as the harness attached to the bridge failed.

Twenty-seven killed in The Messenger

As many as 27 people died in filming when a landslide of rock and ice took their lives in the Kamado Mountains, with some bodies never found.

A stuntman in Deadpool 2

The superhero movies are also not left behind in these tragic accidents. This has happened recently in 2017 where Joi Harris died in an on-set motorcycle accident.

Hollywood’s cursed film

In 1956, The Conquerer has become and started to be known as a cursed film. About 220 people were working on it and out of that 91 fell ill with cancer and 46 died soon after, including John Wayne. The film was recorded near a nuclear zone in Nevada.

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