Sunday, November 28, 2021

MSI teases its next-gen MEG Z690 motherboards prepared for Intel’s Alder Lake lineup

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A new teaser has been posted by MSI in which the company showcases its next-generation Z690 motherboards for the upcoming Intel’s Alder Lake CPU lineup. In the teaser, we can see the IO of the three segments of MSI’s Z690 motherboard lineup.

This MEG motherboard is identified to be the next-gen Z690 ACE and rocks a solid gold and black color theme. There is an IO cover over the VRM heatsink which features the MSI Dragon logo that looks great and there are a plethora of IO options such as several USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, dual 2.5G Ethernal LAN ports, dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, Wireless antennas for WiFi 6E, a 7.1 HD audio jack and BIOS Flashback & CMOS buttons.

The MEG Z690 motherboard which MSI has teased could be the next generation of Carbon WiFi which rocks a black and silver design. The high-end VRM heatsink includes two aluminum blocks and a heat pipe cooling solution. The IO options are many including several USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, HDMI/DP, a 2.5G Ethernet LAN switch, dual WiFi Antennas, and a 7.1 channel HD audio jack.

Finally, MSI teases a MAG Z690 series motherboard which seems to be the Tomahawk and features a high-end power delivery system that is powered by the dual 8-pin 12V power connectors. The IO cover features a brushed black design while the rear panel IO includes 8 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, a 2.5G Ethernet LAN port, WiFi 6 antennas, a 7.1 Channel HD audio jack, and HDMI/DP outputs.

intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPU Specs “Rumored”

CPU NameP-Core CountE-Core CountTotal Core / ThreadP-Core Base / Boost (Max)P-Core Boost (All-Core)E-Core Base / BoostE-Core Boost (All-Core)CacheTDP (PL1)TDP (PL2)Expected (MSRP) Price
Core i9-12900K8816 / 243.2 / 5.3 GHz5.0 GHz (All Core)TBA / 3.9 GHz3.7 GHz (All Core)30 MB125W228W$599 US
Core i9-129008816 / 243.2 / 5.2 GHz4.9 GHz (All Core)TBATBA30 MB65W~200W$509 US
Core i9-12900T8816 / 24TBA / 4.9 GHzTBATBATBA30 MB35WTBATBA
Core i7-12700K8412 / 203.6 / 5.0 GHz4.7 GHz (All Core)TBA / 3.8 GHz3.6 GHz (All Core)25 MB125W228W$429 US
Core i7-127008412 / 203.6 / 4.9 GHz4.6 GHz (All Core)TBATBA25 MB65W~200W$359 US
Core i7-12700T8412 / 20TBA / 4.7 GHzTBATBATBA25 MB35WTBATBA
Core i5-12600K6410 / 163.7 / 4.9 GHz4.5 GHz (All Core)TBA / 3.6 GHz3.4 GHz (All Core)20 MB125W228W$279 US
Core i5-12600606 / 123.7 / 4.8 GHz4.4GHz (All Core)TBATBA18 MB65W~200W$249 US
Core i5-12600T606 / 12TBA / 4.6 GHzTBATBATBA18 MB35WTBATBA
Core i5-12500T606 / 12TBA / 4.4 GHzTBATBATBA18 MB35WTBATBA
Core i5-12400606 / 12TBATBATBATBA18 MB65W~200W$203 US
Core i5-12400T606 / 12TBA / 4.2 GHzTBATBATBA18 MB35WTBATBA
Core i3-12200T404 / 8TBA / 4.2 GHzTBATBATBA12 MB35WTBATBA
Core i3-12100T404 / 8TBA / 4.1 GHzTBATBATBA12 MB35WTBATBA


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