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Gambling and Sports – a perfect combination?

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We often wonder about the combination of things. How did Pink Floyd assemble? How did those parts find their exact counterparts and become one perfect harmony? Some things are also just presented as a perfect combination of things, but actually, they are not working together as well as claimed, like governments and big global player firms.

If two things have existed for thousands of years, it is likely that they have touched each other already and tested their combination. Two things that have definitely been around for quite some time, are the basic concepts of gambling and sports. The internet offers nowadays the opportunity to bet on basically everything. From football to cricket, from martial arts to golf and base jumping everything is available for betting on the internet. Many good gambling websites offer great bonuses in addition to exciting stats in order to attract betters and Comeon bonus code india is one of them! 

So as gambling and sports seem to be the perfect marriage, we have to ask why? Why are they fitting together so well? And are not other gambling methods more popular and fitting? We have the answers you need to know.

The history

In order to understand why gambling and sports are fitting together so well, we have to check out the history of both.

Gambling has been existing since a period before written history. There is evidence that dice games were already popular about 3000 before Christ. The known games like Poker and Roulette as well date back more than 300 years.

But it is more interesting to see that besides random gambling with dice or marbles, every competition between at least two different parties offers the opportunity to bet on either one or the other side. One of the most competitive activities next to war is obviously sports, an activity that probably exists since the first human beings. No wonder that the old Greeks and Romans already bet on fighters in the manege and sportsmen on the field. It did not take people long to understand that you can also have competitions between animals. Especially horse betting became extremely popular in the 18th century.

More than just physical sports

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Now hundreds of years later, horse betting is seen as one of the most old-school ways of sports betting. Next to all physical sports like football and the champions league and basketball or Olympic Games the internet offers even more. As we lie in the so-called digital age, it is no wonder that we also become digital.

The so-called eSports are one of the most popular amongst sports betting. eSports are basically professional online video game tournaments in which the best players from around the world can compete against each other. Games like League of Legends or CounterStrike are among the most played and popular games and entertain vast communities of fans and players world wide. As the eSports are mostly happening online, they do not have to care about borders or even gender of the players. The tournaments can be physical though. In huge stadiums fans are watching the gameplay of their candidates on big screens.

The competitive idea of many sports gives the audience a perfect opportunity to choose a side and bet on one player or sportsman. Compared to Casino games the sports are more exciting, offer live action and depend on the performance of specific teams or players. eSports additionally offer even more opportunities of sports betting even in the digital world. So it is clear as hell that sports and gambling are working hand in hand!

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