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How to Become an Esports Athlete

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Would you like to learn how to become a professional esports athlete and master platforms like Twitch and SA Gaming? Whilst many of us love playing video games, few are willing to put in the effort this task requires. Becoming a professional esports champion takes dedication and hours of practice, but there are also a few other factors to consider if you want to upskill enough for a chance to take home some of the winnings.

How the Professionals Do It: Five Steps to Becoming a Great Esports Athlete

No professional gamer reaches the top of their game by accident; it takes lots of effort, time, and financial commitment to make it to the level where you can earn a living as an esports athlete. Winnings are for the cream of the crop, and there are a few factors you might need to consider if you want to set yourself up for the same kind of success online:

#1 Laser-focus and a Winning Attitude

Professionals are not “jacks-of-all-trades.” These skilled esports players focus on a single gaming platform, genre, and game to find the niche that offers them the greatest opportunities. If you want to mimic that success, select the e-game you most enjoy and dedicate yourself to mastering it.

Whether it’s Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, or StarCraft, choose a niche that will give you a better chance of overtaking the competition and climbing your way to stardom.

#2 It’s True What They Say About Practice

Esports are the same as any other discipline, and perfect practice makes perfect. How many hours do professional Esports athletes practice? There’s no magic number, but most players report honing their skills for approximately seven to nine hours daily (fifty hours per week).

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Practice includes gameplay, team talk, and other activities related to your game. You could also watch and study videos of streams and interviews from esports stars to see what you can gain from their techniques.

#3 Streaming Is Gold

As with every other sport, self-promotion gets your name out there. Once you’ve mastered your skill, why not register on streaming services like Twitch, SA Gaming, and YouTube Gaming? It’s a great way to leverage social media and boost your potential viewing audience (dare we say fans?).

Remember to make your streams as entertaining as possible to open up room for sponsorship deals and boost your chances of mainstream exposure.

#4 The Right Gear For The Right Results

If you’re gaming on the right gear, you will have all the basics to help you make it to the top. Start with a:

  • high-quality mechanical keyboard
  • gaming mouse

You will also need to develop your familiarity with peripherals by sticking to one model—it makes the transition to a competitive tournament environment far easier.

#5 Maintain a Game-Life Balance

Professional esports players prioritize a balanced approach to their gaming, including eating well, exercising, and maintaining a healthy social life. A balance improves their mental focus that is vital for online gaming success. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way to keeping you motivated on your journey, and you’ll feel good whether you’re climbing the ladder or summiting the peak of success.

Becoming a professional esports athlete takes hard work, patience, and strategy. Take a balanced approach to game practice, including expanding your game knowledge while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Can you master these principles to become a top espor

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