Apple M1X new performance prediction place the upcoming 10-core Apple Silicon above a 2019 16-core Mac Pro

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Again, New Performance predictions of the Apple M1X SoC are out. Vadim Yuryev, co-host of the popular Max Tech YouTube channel, has had a go at predicting the synthetic benchmark performance of the M1X, and it certainly bodes well for the next-generation Apple Silicon.

Rumours suggest that this upgraded chip will come with 16 and 32 core integrated GPU. YouTuber Dave2D speculates that this new chip could match the performance of the Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU.

The YouTuber believes that the higher 32-core GPU option will be available in the 16-inch MacBook Pro since the increased number of cores would require more power. The larger machine could accommodate this power requirement thanks to having a bigger footprint, which in turn will allow it to house a bigger battery. The M1X with a 32-core GPU is also expected to feature a larger die size, which again, might only be found in the bigger MacBook Pro since it has the size advantage for sporting a better cooling solution.

Apple M1X new performance prediction place the upcoming 10-core Apple Silicon above of a 2019 16-core Mac Pro

The prediction also show the 10-core Apple Silicon surpassing the 16-core Intel Xeon W-3245 in the Mac Pro from Late 2019. It has also been reckoned that the M1X cores will be based on both M1 and A15 cores, presumably for increased efficiency.

The Geekbench multi-core score offered up by Yuryev stands at 15,070 points, which would put this particular hypothetical M1X-based device above the 16-core Mac Pro (Late 2019). That latter very-expensive desktop (expect to pay at least US$7,999 for a 16-core model) is certainly no slouch, with Geekbench recording an average score of 14,596 points for the Intel Xeon W-3245 in this particular computer.

The single-core prediction of 1,740 points also looks very healthy for the Apple M1X, putting it at the very top of the current Geekbench table for Mac devices. This should be expected, as it is M1-powered devices such as the Mac mini and MacBook Pro 13 that head that particular chart at the moment. The graphics performances for two variants of the M1X SoC are also quite astonishing. Yuryev reckons the M1X with 16-core GPU could manage 46,240 points in Geekbench Metal while the 32-core GPU edition powers up to double of the former, at 92,480 points. These scores would put the M1X way beyond the current scores listed for the Apple M1 in Geekbench’s Metal chart, with the 8-core GPU part recording an average benchmark of 21,168 points.

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