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Mivi DuoPods F30 Review: Whether to meet expectations within budget or not?

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Mivi gifted us a new truly wireless earphone this month. It is named Mivi DuoPods F30, available exclusively on Flipkart. Though it currently costs Rs.1,199 on the e-commerce platform, it was listed at Rs.999 only with the special launch offer on the first sale. There are three colours available – Black, Red, and White.

The DuoPods F30 was launched on 11th September, and as you can guess, I got an opportunity to review it. I’m using it for over a week now and sharing each experience with you through this article.

Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Specifications :-

  • 10mm Audio Drive
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX4 Sweat proof
  • Touch control
  • Up to 42 hours battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Type-C charging

In the Box :-

  • Mivi DuoPods F30
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Extra ear tips
  • Paperworks
Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Build Quality & Design :-


From the images, you probably got a rough idea about the shape of the new Mivi DuoPods F30 already. The charging case comes in a boxy design and form, which is ideal for gripping it properly, and the matt finish on top prevents both accidental slip and dust. It is small in size to carry, even in comparison with other TWS available in the market. You can find the Mivi logo on the lid and the Type-C charging port on the back. Along with the buds inside the box, there are four LEDs to indicate the case charging level.

Coming to the buds, the head part is similar to the previous DuoPods A25, but the sticks are of cylinder shape this time. On that, one LED is there, followed by the touch-sensitive area and Mivi branding. Though the twig gets the matt texture, the head is glossy.

Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Mivi uses the same material used in the DuoPods A25. The entire plastic build feels solid and compact, and a good tick sound comes out every time I close the case. The magnets used are powerful enough to hold the buds at their places and make sure they always sit in the charging position. The buds are IPX4 certified. So, no need to worry about splashes.

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Overall, the build and design of the DuoPods F30 are good enough to be compared with a higher range TWS.

Comfort & Usage :-

As I already mentioned, the charging case is minimal in size compared to other TWS. So, you can carry it easily in your pocket with other stuff. The buds are small too and lightweight. Due to the with-stick design, it is easy to put on and put off for me as usual. Regarding the fit, I can place it properly each time. The part with silicon tip goes indie a bit, and the round part provides a grip in the ear from outside. Point to note; the tips are not too swelling to provide passive noise reduction.

Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

I used the buds for over a couple of hours multiple times; never felt any pain or uneasiness. I was able to reach the touch-enabled area easily due to the small area there. If you travel a lot, even at this time, you can take out your buds anywhere and use them without worrying about an accidental drop from the charging case. Thanks to enough strong magnets.

With the combination of touch on both sides, you can do pretty much everything, including receive/reject calls, manage tracks, adjust volume, and playing with voice assistant. But, most of these functions will be disabled if you go with mono mode.

Audio & Microphone :-

The Mivi DuoPods F30 packs a 10mm audio driver inside of each bud to produce its signature output. The sound is loud, mixed with all the other sound properties, including bass. I tried tracks from different genres and some contents from Netflix and Prime Video too. The sterio outputs are more than just okay, however you need to use it within 80% volume all the time. Two reasons for that – first, it’s safe for your hearing ability, and second, the audio goes a bit distorted over 80%. During the calls I voice of the other person comes clear. The overall audio output is admirable to me.

Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Coming to the microphone, voice that reach reaches to the opposite person over a call is not clear sometimes and blend with the surrounding sounds. If both the persons in call are in any quite place, in that condition the performance is decent. But considering the pricing, I have no complaint on it.

Connectivity :-

Mivi uses Bluetooth 5.0 on-board for reliable connectivity. Pairing with devices is common like any other TWS, and the entire process takes a nominal time. If you want to know about the range within an average room, the pairing stays strong.

Every touch gesture takes a couple of seconds mostly to initiate the action. At the time of media consumption, I didn’t notice any annoying delays.

Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Battery & Charging :-

Mivi claims that this earphone is capable to deliver for a total of 42 hours long play time at 50% volume. Inside the charging case, you can find four LEDs that indicates the battery level of that case. It is very useful, specially if you are planning to carry it during any long journey. I’m happy to see it here. Another good thing is it holds a Type-C port and has fast charging support.

  • Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -
  • Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -
  • Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

I used the buds keeping the volume inbetween 50% to 80%. One full charge retains for more than 7 hours, and in total I got full battery level for around 4 time from the case. Post that also there was charge left in the case. In total I got more than 30 hours of backup and that’s a plus point for DuoPods F30.

The charging case, including the buds, took around 90 minutes to get charged fully and the buds individually need around an hour for the same. But, in a hurry only 10 minutes can be sufficient. Thanks to the fast charging tech support.

Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Pros & Cons :-

Compact designLow performance microphone
LightweightTouch response delay
Good audio output
Long battery life
Fast charging
Mivi DuoPods F30 Review -

Verdict :-

The new member of Mivi’s DuoPods lineup, F30 provides a compact build, powerful and quality audio output, and long battery life too with fast charging support at a pocket friendly price tag. Yes, it’s not a perfect one for all purposes; however, at around Rs.1,000 all the provided features and the quality is more than you can expect. If you are looking for a TWS for media consumption mainly, and take calls now and then, the Mivi DuoPods F30 can be the latest option for you.


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Build Quality & Design
Comfort & Usage
Battery & Charging
Anupam Modak
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.


  1. This website has totally wrong information about this earpods this mivi product has 13mm driver not 10mm driver. Go and check flipkart or mivi website first and then write.


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Mivi DuoPods F30 Review: Whether to meet expectations within budget or not? Mivi gifted us a new truly wireless earphone this month. It is named Mivi DuoPods F30, available exclusively on Flipkart. Though it currently costs Rs.1,199 on the e-commerce platform, it was listed at Rs.999 only with the special launch offer on the first sale....

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