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“YOU (Season 3)”: Netflix has released the trailer of the series

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The third season of the YOU series has got its big exposure on 30th August 2021. After ending the shooting of the movie earlier in 2021. It is expected that this season will hit on Netflix before ending of the year. After releasing season 2 just before a month, Netflix has confirmed the renewal of the famous psychological crime drama for the third season. It is expected as the second season of this series has already been viewed by 54 million people. This series just gets its life on Netflix as a Lifetime series.

Photos from Everything We Know About You Season 3 - E! Online

In the second season, we have seen some changes for the role of Joe who is moving from the Big Apple which is obviously New York to the Golden Coast of Los Angeles. After he had changed his name to ‘Will’ it had not taken so long before the arrival of the new muse, Love Quinn. After his determination of changing his murderous way naturally, people are seeming for death around Joe. It is expected that it has left a climactic finale for the fans. A big thanks to Netflix for providing the goods.

You(Season 3): Casts


It has informed that this series is recently cast of all the latest member named as Dante who is a veteran and got damaged in the combat, he works at the local library and a stepfather to the two boys of his partner Ted, he is sarcastic, world-weary, and also dependable unfailingly.

Netflix reveals You season 3 cast | GamesRadar+

It also becomes confirmed from the entire cast that Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti will also come back. In October 2020 Netflix has confirmed the two new cast members who had joined the third season. In this, the first name is Shalita Grant who is known for her stints on NCIS and NCIS. She is now playing as Sonja Percy. In she will play the role of Sherry.

The second name is Travis VanWinkle who is seriously very close to Joe and he has invited Joe to his inner circle. Netflix also provides the confirmation of the cast Scott Speedman as Matthew. He is popular for his role in Underworld and The Strangers.

You season 3 release date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more
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In this we will see Saffron Burrows play the role of Dottie, Dylan Arnold will play the role of Theo, Tati Gabrielle will play the role of Marienne, Michaela McManus will play the role of Natalie, Shannon Chan-Kent will play the role of Kiki, Ben Mehl will play the role of Dante, Chris O’Shea will play the role of Andrew, Christopher Sean will play the role of Brandon, Bryan Safi will play the role of Jackson, Mackenzie Astin will play the role of Gil, Ayelet Zurer will play the role of Dr. Chandra, Jack Fisher will play the role of Young Joe Goldberg, Mauricio Lara will play the role of Paulie. It has currently been informed that Mathew Trent Hunnicutt will play the role of a teacher.

You season 3 release date confirmed by Netflix in creepy new trailer - Heart

You(Season 3): Expectation

It has been confirmed that season 3 will continue to adapting Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes with the first episode titled “ And They Lived Happily Ever After”. It has been written by Sera Gamble and Martin Reed. It is directed by Silver Tree. Here is the script post.

In the second season, we had seen a mysterious twist at the ending of the ninth episode while it had revealed about Love Quinn who had killed Delilah. Joe had out by the love of Joe while she had explored that she had been following him and comes to know about his antics all along, but the love is same. She also said that she had framed her brother, Forty, and murdered his lover while they were young.

Forty was literally unaware of the action of his sister who has attempted to save her from Joe that has to lead ultimately to his death. At the time of attempting the execution of Joe, Forty had been shot and murdered by the officer Vasquez who had followed the sister of Delilah to Anavrin.  After that, the attempted murder of Forty’s and the situation of Quinn’s money has resolved, and Joe become wiped off after watching the list of the suspects for the death of Henderson.

You' Season 3 | Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot, and More

After moving to the home situated in the suburbs with the heavily pregnant girlfriend the third season just has set up While Joe has hinted heavily about his new victim will become the next-door neighbor.

In this, the lead actor Penn Badgley has his own theory that has been expected from Joe in season 3. T has been believed that Joe will be seeking to find out to take from him since his childhood and insinuating heavily that Joe will be trying to open that made him be a sociopath.

Premiere date and trailer for Netflix's 'You' season 3 revealed

The story of the book has been covered at the ending of the second season and the third season will expose the huge leap yet to away from the source material. In this Hidden Bodies, the book Caroline Kepnes was the inspiration of the story of the second season and also despite the series that has deterred from the principal plot of the book and it had still a wealth of information on the characters. The only work of the Caroline Kepnes set to release as Providence is a separate story altogether.

In this showrunner, Sera Gamble has stated that they have done the plans for the third season that have said back in January 2019.

You' season 3: release date, cast, plot, trailer and more

You(Season 3): Production Status

In March 2020 the third season of the series was still continuing in the writing phase and it is expected filming to get underway this summer. Al the COVID-19 that has been disrupted that never had come to fruition.

It has been seen that all of the writers on the writing of the series that exclusively from home as they have shared about their collective Twitter account. In this YOU Season 3 that has tentatively for the beginning of the filming in the early November 2020 and then it will film until “Late April 2021′.  It has been revealed that it has set with the several most other productions of Netflix that have restricted the restrictions of COVID-19.

On the 2nd November 2020, it got the official confirmation of the third season was in production. In 2021, it has given that Netflix France in the behind of the scenes to look at Penn Badgley in the role of Joe in the third season. On the 23rd April 20221 according to the showrunner Sera Gamble that has been Tweeted about the good news along the info based on some of the downsides to run the production at the time of during the time of COVID-19.

You' Season 3 On Netflix - Joe Goldberg's Neighbor/New Target Revealed

A small update has been got from Sera Gamble that has been posted on the script that has been covered for episode 10. The title had been blurred out that has known it would be written by Sera herself and Neil Reynolds at the time of being directed by Silver Tree. It is expected that the shooting will end on 26th April 2021 in November 20920. It is still not clear about the case but we had expected the general social media Netflix and also about the specific account of YOU.

You(Season 3): Release date

It is the most demanding question of all the fans of the release of the series. In 2021 it has been confirmed. It is expected we will see it in the fourth quarter of 2021. Netflix has finished all the controversy and is set to release the series on 15th October 2021.

Here is the trailer:

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