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iTop VPN: The Best VPN Service for 2021

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Are you thinking about staying anonymous while surfing the internet? Or, are you looking for a reliable, smart, and less intrusive VPN tool? Then there is no need to look further than the iTop VPN. It is a remarkable tool that guarantees anonymous surfing, a superb shield to protect your privacy.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a tool that helps you maintain a secure and private internet connection. In the simplest of words, VPN ensures online anonymity as well as privacy by generating a private internet connection from a public network connection. VPN works by establishing a data tunnel between your local network and an exit point on another location. It makes it seem as if you are in another location. 

Why do you need a VPN tool?


Surfing the World Wide Web (WWW) through an unsecured internet connection makes you vulnerable to exposing your private data and browsing activities. VPN scrambles data by encrypting it and making it unreadable. So, your data and surfing activities remain anonymous. Besides, data protection and keeping your browsing activities, you can also access your favorite websites and applications on the go. Moreover, your internet provider knows all your browsing history. However, when using a VPN, all your browsing history remains hidden. VPN provides an IP address, your browsing history appears to originate from that IP address, and thus it remains hidden. 

Do you want access to an unlimited world of online streaming? 

If you are worried about not having access to streaming content of any type and looking for a VPN tool that can unlock the entire streaming content, then iTop VPN is a match made in heaven for you because it has the features below.

iTop VPN 2

1. Grants access to the entire internet world

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The entire world of the internet isn’t freely accessible. You cannot gain access to streaming services in some countries of the world. Some streaming services also put some restrictions on their content so that users in particular locations can only stream. But iTop VPN grants you access to the entire internet world. You can access whatever you want including streaming websites like Netflix or censored websites.

2. Allows unlimited bandwidth

iTop VPN also allows unlimited streaming without a bandwidth cap. A bandwidth cap always proves a problem when you want to stream your favorite shows or download large files. However, iTop VPN doesn’t pull you back. It allows you to go ahead, browse, stream, download, torrent, and play games without any bandwidth cap. 

3. Ensures anonymity

iTop VPN ensures anonymity by encrypting all your surfing activities. Therefore, allowing you to enjoy the streaming content you like while being 100% protected.

The wrap-up

If you want access to the entire internet without while being fully secured and protected, access to any streaming content, stream or download your favorite movies, torrent, and so on, then iTop VPN should be your first choice. And, iTop VPN’s unlimited bandwidth offer is icing on the cake that makes it the best VPN tool available in the world right now. 

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Rahul Roy
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