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Here’s the latest info on Fornite’s Season 8: Cube

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Epic Games Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games out there and the games Season 8 is finally here, following the stunning conclusion of Operation: Sky Fire and some extended downtime.

And as the tradition goes, Epic Games make sure that a new Fortnite season brings out a ton of new things for us to enjoy. Each season brings its unique mechanics, and without any further wait let’s crackdown on all of those things which will be heading towards Season 8 of Epic Games.

Below is the trailer of the Fortnite Season 8: Cubed:-


Following the Operation: Sky Fire, the mother ship crashed down and the island has once more undergone serious changes. All over the island, we can find the Kevin-like cubes in Season 8, and in some locations, players will find Sideways Anomalies.

However, these cubes are not anything simple, instead, they are the portals to a monster-infested alternate dimension called The Sideways. But Sideway offers special loot such as unique weapons but only if you can survive it.

Coming to the Sideways Zones, they are places of interest that are experiencing a bleed-through effect where The Sideways is coming through to the island’s world. They will move from match to match, similar to the invaded locations in Season 7.

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as players, you will be participating in the war effort against these enigmatic cubes, and players can also contribute gold bars to build new defences, unvault weapons, and reshape the island all season long.

In Season 7 of Fortnite, the community’s allegiance was split between the aliens and the IO, but in Season 8 all loopers are coming together in the face of an existential threat: the cubes.

Season 8 is also bringing new battle pass characters and this season brings eight characters to unlock and stylize with their cosmetics as you move through 100 tiers in the battle pass.

Let’s discuss the story of Season 8 so far, the island of Apollo has been taken over by the sentient cubes which once powered the Alien Mothership. Now that the Mothership has crashed onto the island, these cubes have scattered everywhere and opened rifts into The Sideways, a parallel dimension filled with monsters.

Get ready for another action-packed season of Fortnite, as the war-torn map indicates, and ready to forge your alliances into facing the threat together to protect your island. Let’s join forces with the entire Fortnite community to protect Apollo from the cubes.


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