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4 hacks to skyrocket your TikTok views

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TikTok is one of the most successful applications in the video creation niche with over a billion downloads from the android store alone.

It helps content creators to showcase their skills and hence earn a following for themselves.

If you are someone who also wishes to gain TikTok followers, then make sure your videos get lots of views.

In this article, you’ll learn 4 hacks that you can use to skyrocket your TikTok views.

Post shorter videos

Why post shorter videos?

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Let’s understand this.

Shorter videos have a higher completion rate than longer ones.

This’s because people want quick content.

When you scroll through the “For you” page or someone else’s profile, you want to consume everything at a go.

Think about it. Most people are busy and use platforms like TikTok as an escape. If you’ll show them video content of about 10-15 seconds, they can quickly watch it or even skim through your entire video library.

Also, shorter videos are the new trend.

Say, you’re following an influencer who posts content in the marketing niche.

Wouldn’t you prefer watching that person explain marketing jargons in the quickest possible manner?

This happens because people are impatient, and you need to capitalise on it by giving them short content.

Sometimes, people also skip to the next video without competing the current one. This’s a deal breaker because you want them to complete watching your content. That way TikTok will know people are enjoying your content, and it should be shared more.

Don’t forget captions and tags

Most creators think captions don’t matter when it comes to TikTok.

The truth is exactly the opposite.

So, what makes captions special?

Captions are engagement magnets.

Your video caption has the potential to encourage people to engage.

Say you recently posted a video on the new Google SEO update or shared your delicious taco recipe. In the caption you can ask people: How do you think this new update is going to help your business? Or What’s your recipe of tacos?

This’ll urge viewers to comment and hence start a conversation. And that’s how more people will engage with your content and share it with their peers.

You can use trending abbreviations, jokes, current topics or call-to-actions in your captions.

Finally, use relevant hashtags.

Hashtags play an important role in delivering your content to the right people.

When someone searches for a keyword that you’ve used it as a hashtag in your video. TikTok will display your videos as a relevant result.

Therefore, don’t forget your captions and tags.

Don’t delete your videos

I bet this happens most of the time: After you post a video you don’t get the same number of views, likes and comments you expected. This’s the reason content creators delete videos thinking they aren’t up to the mark.

Obviously, you want your video library to look rich with engagement, but deleting isn’t the right decision.

Let’s understand why.

Not every video people post on TikTok gets viral. Sometimes, it takes more than a week for videos to attract the attention of people. This also depends on what content is working at the moment.

You might have noticed certain filters and challenges gain instantaneous boost and become viral.

Say something like that happens and If you had created your video using such a filter, then TikTok might push your video to more people, seeing that filter is creating a buzz.

Engage with other users and your audience

Remember how we discussed using captions to attract comments?

Well, you can use that opportunity to provide value to your audience by giving your input in the conversation.

This’ll show you care about them and are actively following their comments.

If other TikTok users follow you, then by engaging with their content, you can build strong relationships which will expose you to their audience.

You can also search for relevant influencers in your niche and like, comment, or share their videos.

They’ll appreciate the gesture and might return the favour by engaging with your videos.

Social platforms like TikTok are like a community where if you help people they’ll help you back.

Therefore, engage with other users and your audience.


There you go, 4 hacks you can use to skyrocket your TikTok views. Before starting your journey it’s important to understand that growth takes times and most of the time you’ll not reach your exceptions, but with the right efforts you can become a great influencer.

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