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IPL Is Back – And You Can Bet On The Winner

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Cricket fans have all the reasons to rejoice because IPL 2021 is about to come to their screens from this month. And if you are a fan who is also looking for some profitable cricket betting opportunities, now is your chance. Along with IPL betting tips, look for ways to bet on an outright win. Here’s how you do it!

Understanding the concept of an outright win

When considering the odds for a specific IPL team to straightway win the tournament, you are actually searching for the odds on that franchise to be an outright winner. In betting terms, you would call this one ‘to win outright.’ 


In simple words, you want the odds for a particular team to win the Indian Premier League tournament outright. Most of the well-reputed and reliable betting sites compare the outright winning odds from a number of trusted sources and websites. 

Taking all the factors into account, these sites show you the best odds for each team to bring home the IPL trophy. This way, you have the chance to maximize your potential returns.

The Futures and Ante Post Markets for the Indian Premier League  

The outright winner betting for IPL is one of the popular ones in the futures betting scene. Ante Post markets, commonly known as the futures markets, are the ones that involve bets that are dependent on long-term results that will get finalized during the course of one whole season or tournament, instead of only one match. 

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Odds for such bets start becoming available a few months before the actual season starts. It is this time during which you get to see the highest paying odds for futures betting and Ante Post markets. This is exactly what is happening with the outright winner odds of IPL 2021 at present. You can now bet on the team that you think is going to be the winner, and stand a chance to win big if your prediction is right.

As the tournament starts and progresses, some of the teams will fall while others rise on the points table. Thereby, the odds will keep tightening and pay less for the ones who are in a position to be the winner.

Explaining IPL winner odds in all three formats

So, there are three formats in use, i.e., Decimal, Fractional, and American, when it comes to displaying IPL winner odds.

The American odds format:

You will hardly notice any negative figures for the American odds format. Such figures stand for odds under the even-money. Considering how the tournament goes, you might note positive figures that express the probable returns on a stake of one hundred dollars. For instance, say there is an odds of +400 on a team to be an outright winner, you will have to stake one hundred dollars to make a profit of $390, which yields a total return of $490.

The decimal odds format:

In this format, the odds will show the entire amount that you will get, along with the stake amount, if your wager is successful. You will just have to multiply all the decimal odds using the stake. For instance, if Kolkata Knight Riders are listed at 5.64 for an outright win, your $100 wager will get you a total return of $564, along with the stake. So, you will make a profit of $464.

The fractional odds format:

The odds show how much profit you can possibly make on your bet. For instance, if you have a bet of $100 and odds are 7/2 on Chennai Super Kings for an outright win, you can see a profit of at least $350 (7/2 x $100), along with the stake amount. So, you get back $450 in total.

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