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Here is the list of Top IMDb rated Horror Films that are worth a watch

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In the entertainment industry, the OTT platforms have set a benchmark to maintain consistency to give all kinds of movies to the audiences. In this situation, the OTT platforms have really left no crisis in the supply of such amazing movies to the cinephiles.

It is true that the experience of watching other films is always different from horror films. There is a lot of incredible horror films which is enough to increase your heartbeat and also palpitations. There is a lot of horror stuff with a huge quantity.

Here is a list of the top IMDb rated horror movies:

Alive as Always: Movie Date: Låt den rätte komma in

12. Let the Right One In

IMDb Rating: 7.9

It is a story of an overlooked and bullied boy named Oskar. He is finding love and revenge along with Eli who is a beautiful but also peculiar girl.

ROSEMARY'S BABY 2014 - Trailer 2 - LATIN HORROR - YouTube
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11. Rosemary’s baby

IMDb Rate: 8.0

It is a story of a young couple who are trying to take a bay move into the fancy apartment that has been surrounded by peculiar neighbors.

Watch The Exorcist | Prime Video

10. The Exorcist

IMDb Rate: 8.0

The story is based on a 12-year-old girl who is also very possessed by a strange and mysterious entity and her mother is seeking the help of the two priests to protect her.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) - IMDb

9. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

IMDb Rate: 8.1

The story is based on a hypnotist about a Dr, Califgari utilizing a somnambulist, Cesare for committing murders.

Sharon Stone Says She Was Pressured To Sleep With Her Male Co-Stars

8. Diabolique

IMDb Rate: 8.1

It is a story of the wife and also the mistress about the loathed school principal and planning to kill him actually what they have believed about the perfect alibi.

Image gallery for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - FilmAffinity

7. What Ever Happened to baby jane?

IMDb Rate: 8.1

It is basically former child about the star torments about the paraplegic sister about their decaying mansion Hollywood.

The Thing Trailer (2011)

6. The Thing

IMDb Rate: 8.1

It is the story of a research team in Antarctica that has been hunted by the shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the victims.

Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers' Review – The Hollywood Reporter

5. The Blue Elephant

IMDb Rate: 8.1

The story of the film is based on Dr. Yehla. It is based on a psychotherapist at AI Abbasia hospital. It has been working about the department to treat the criminally insane, it is actually to find his best friend to become one of the patients. In this, he is trying his friend he finds himself going down to be the rabbit hole.

Tumbbad' Trailer Release: Aanand L Rai and Sohum Shah's 'Tumbbad' Teaser  Promises A Spooky Ride

4. Tumbbad

IMDb Rate: 8.3

It is mainly based on a mythological story based on a goddess that has been created the whole universe. It has been revolving around the consequences while humans will build the temple for the firstborn child.

Is Alien: Covenant Amazing or Awful? Two Movie Critics Debate.

3. Alien

IMDb Rate: 8.4

After receiving the space merchant vessel about an unknown transmission for the distress call and one of the teams getting attacked by the mysterious life to form and they will quickly realize about the life cycle that has merely begun.

What The Twins From "The Shining" Look Like Today - Louise and Lisa Burns

2. The Shining

IMDb Rate: 8.4

It is an incredible horror film that is based on a family that has heads to an isolated hotel in the winter where the presence of the sinister influences the father into violence, and also his son has the psychic ability for the forebodings from both past and also future.

Psycho': The horror movie that changed the genre |

1. Psycho

IMDb Rate: 8.5

It revolves around the story of a Phoenix secretary that has been embezzled $40,000 from the client of the employers and that goes for the run and has checked about the remote motel to run by a young man in the domination of his mother.

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