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“Riverdale (Season 5):” When it will hit on Netflix Global 2021?

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The fifth season of Riverdale also will maintain to drop the latest episodes on Netflix globally until early October and after that, it will come early October and will come on Netflix US in the middle of October 2021. After it has been faced several criticisms, the series has maintained to be famous on Netflix that is prominently in the Netflix US in the top 10  after dropping season 4.

It has been also dropped on Netflix’s top 10s in countries just as Germany, France, the Netherlands, India, Australia, Canada, and also the United Kingdom.

In the countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands, India, Australia, Canada, and The UK, it is featured in Netflix’s top 10s in the cinemas.


We will like to share with you some good news about the future of the series as it has been renewed for season 6 and has been set to premiere in the middle of November 2021.

VIDEO] 'Riverdale' Season 5 Trailer: Veronica Learns About 'Barchie' |  TVLine

Riverdale(Season 5): Reason Behind the delay of this series on Netflix

On The CW this series has been delayed from its October release schedule. It is very normal this time as the entire productions for TV series entire the world become a halt due to COVID-19 pandemic situation and episode count also have been reduced for Riverdale (Season 4).

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According to the weekly updates, the latest season was eventually start to their filming in August 2020 but it did not happen in the later of September 2020. The production of this series also has been stopped once for the COVID-19 outbreaks.

After waiting for a long time at last this series starts airing in the US on 20th January 2021.

Watch Riverdale season 5, episode 1 trailer (video)

Riverdale (Season 5): Take a hiatus of 3-month

It has been informed that episode 1 will release in between January and early April 2021 but after that, it has taken a three months hiatus.

It is expected that this show will again feature on 11th August 2021.

Promo and images for Riverdale Season 5 Episode 5 - 'Homecoming'

Riverdale(Season 5): Release date

It is assuming that Riverdale continues and also will continue as a Netflix Original title going into season 5. All of you know that Riverdale episodes release shortly after its premiere on The CW.

Riverdale(Season 5): Ep-501:20th January 2021(US Release) & 21st January 2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5): Ep-502:27th January 2021(US Release) & 28th January 2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-503:3rd February 2021(US Release) & 4th February2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-504: 10th February2021(US Release) &11thFebruary2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-505:17th February2021(US Release) & 18thFebruary2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-506:24th February2021(US Release) & 25thFebruary2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-507:10th March2021(US Release) & 11thMarch2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-508:17th March2021(US Release) & 18thMarch2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-509:24th March2021(US Release) & 25thMarch2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-510:31st March2021(US Release) & 1st April2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-511: 11th August 2021(US Release) & 12th August 2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-512:18th August 2021(US Release) & 19th August2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-513:25th August 2021(US Release) & 26th August2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-514: 1stSeptember 2021(US Release) & 2ndSeptember2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-515: 8th September 2021(US Release) & 9th eptember2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-516: 15th September 2021(US Release) & 16th eptember2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-517: 22nd September 2021(US Release) & 23rd September2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-518: 29th September 2021(US Release) & 30th eptember2021(Netflix Original Release)

Riverdale(Season 5):Ep-519: 6th October 2021(US Release) & 7thOctober 2021(Netflix Original Release)

Is This The Last Season Of Riverdale?

Riverdale(Season 5): Release date on Netflix US

It is assuming that the US viewers have to wait longer for season 5. In May 2020 season, 4 arrived on Netflix after a week of its final season. Now the release has been pushed back for three months and it is now expected that the latest series we should watch the fifth season on 15th October 2021.

It is assuming that this year that we have not watched all of The CW lineups which will follow the strict schedule for keeping this post for the up[dates.

If you are tensed about leaving Riverdale from Netflix then you should cool down as it will stay on Netflix for the lifetime of the series with a number of several years thereafter. Now it has been renewed for season 6 that indicates Riverdale would not going to leave Netflix till 2027 for the earliest.

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