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Here is the list of all the Upcoming Series set to hit Netflix in September 2021

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This September is going to be a blockbuster month for series lovers. The people from the United States this month are a complete pack of shows with Netflix. Netflix is ready to gear up to launch the monsoon blockbuster shows, it will provide a kick-off with their incredible September lineup. It is expected that in the coming days also it will fill its library with many original releases and shows. This September there are going to release all categories of shows whether it is a thriller, rom-com, action, or horror. 

Here is a list of all series that will release in September 2021:

Baki Season 4 release date in September 2021: Netflix's Baki: Son of Ogre  anime adapts Baki Hanma manga


50. Baki Hanma

Release date: In September 2021

It has been informed that the real Baki animation will come that will previously be aired and also has become to the end on Netflix, but officially it will continue with the latest release of Baki Hanma. The release date of this animation is still not known of when it will come to Netflix but here is also the chance that they could watch the anime to arrive anytime in September 2021. It has been listed in the tweet that this Baki Hanma also has become listed in the lineup of Netflix. It has also been picked up from where Baki Hanma: Son of Orge has picked up. In this Baki has laid down his challenge to his father Yujiro.

Netflix noir series 'Bangkok Breaking' gets trailer, date | Coconuts Bangkok
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49. Bangkok Breaking

Release date: In September 2021

It depicts the struggle of earning to living in Bangkok. The story of a man who has joined the emergency rescue service and has realized of the unraveling a citywide conspiracy.

Crime Stories: India Detectives | Netflix Official Site

48. Crime Stories: India Detectives

Release date: In September 2021

It depicts Bengaluru police on the job offer some rare glimpse for the complex and has challenged the inner workings of the four major investigations.

Netflix Renews Kota Factory, Jamtara, Mismatched, Masaba Masaba, Little  Things, She for New Seasons | Entertainment News

47. Kota Factory(Season 2)

Release date: In September 2021

This is one of the top-rated web series coming out from India. The story of the second season will start with Vaibhav who took admission to the renowned coaching center Maheshwari Classes and had left his friends to begin a new journey. In his new journey, he meets Sushrut, another student, and becomes his best friend.

46. How to be a Cowboy

Release date: 1st September 2021

It is an upcoming series that has been hosted by Dale Brisby looking to keep the adventures cowboy tradition alive.

Turning Point: 9/11 And The War On Terror' Trailer For Netflix Series –  Deadline

45. Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on terror

Release date: 1st September 2021

It is reported that on the first anniversary of 9/11 he was in Afghanistan for the filming and while he arrived in Kabul, it has been driven out by the Taliban and the mood become optimistic. After twenty years of 9/11, the world has once again witnessed some tremendous images of the people who are clinging to the bottom of airplanes which is undoubtedly a desperate attempt to leave the country. He also said that after the longest war of American history and losing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives of Americans it was also faced several damages by the war and hundreds of thousands of Afghans become murdered by the Taliban who have once again take the control of Afghanistan. It is a tremendous collapse that has happened just weeks after a U.S. withdrawal.

The 'Q-Force' Trailer Is Here & It's the Funny, Gay Cartoon We Need RN

44. Q-Force

Release date: 2nd September 2021

It is a story of a gay superspy and also his scrappy LGBTQ squad fighting to prove themselves to the agency which is underestimated them.

43. Dive Club

Release date: 3rd September 2021

It depicts about the shores of Cape Mercy who is a skillful group of teen diver investigated about the series of secrets and signs after their one member missing mysteriously.

Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1 Trailer: Surrender is Not an Option

42. Money Heist(Part 5): Volume 1

Release date: 3rd September 2021

It is an upcoming Spanish cult-hit that has yet to visit for the first half of the final season of the final season.

41. Sharkdog

Release date: 3rd September 2021

It is an upcoming animated kids series from ViacomCBS based on a 10-year-old with his best friend which is half dog, half-shark.

40. Kid Cosmic(Season 2)

Release date: 7th September 2021

It is an upcoming animated series that has continued with Jo learning that depicts to become the real leader of this season.  It also has settings to renew for the third season.

39. Octonauts: Above & Beyond

Release date: 7th September 2021

In this, all the Octonauts expand their exploration beyond the sea and also to the land. It has some new rides and new friends and it will protect any habitats and animals at risk.

38. On the Verge

Release date: 7th September 2021

It revolves around the story of the four-woman a chief, a single mom, an heiress, and a job seeker and dig about love and work having the generous side in the crisis of midlife in the pre-pandemic LA.

Untold: Breaking Point | 10 New Netflix Documentaries Ready to Entertain  and Educate This September | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo 4

37. Untold: Breaking Point

Release date: 7th September 2021

It depicts the story of the tennis star Mardy Fish’s battles with mental health and anxiety.

36. The Circle(Season 3)

Release date: 8th September 2021

It depicts the strategy that collides all the social experiments and latest competition show where all the online players can flirt, befriend, and catfish all their way toward $100,000.

35. Into the Night(Season 2)

Release date: 8th September 2021

In this, all the passengers and crew have aboard a hijacked overnight flight scramble for the outrace of the sun like the mysterious cosmic event that has wreaked havoc on the world below.

Netflix Drops Trailer for Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali Documentary 'Blood  Brothers' – The Hollywood Reporter

34. Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

Release date: 9th September 2021

This documentary mainly includes interviews with various relatives like the younger brother of Ali who is Rahman Ali and the daughter of Malcolm X Iluasah Shabazz. In this Shabazz also has said some important moments about the connection with Ali and said that for her father to take his wife and also his babies and visited the home indicated that her father had trusted him completely.

33. The Women and the Murderer

Release date: 9th September 2021

It is a documentary series that has captured the serial killer Guy Georges along the tireless work of the two women who are a police chief and a victim’s mother.

Firedrake the Silver Dragon | Netflix Official Site

32. Firedrake the Silver Dragon

Release date: 10th September 2021

It is a dragon animated series. After the dragons getting threats from humans it is a story of the dragon that has summoned the courage for seeking the mythical paradise the place where dragons will live in peace and also can fly free.

Will there be a season 6 of Lucifer? When will it come out?

31. Lucifer: The Final Season

Release date: 10th September 2021

It will be the last and final season of the Tom Ellis-led detective series where he plays the devil. It is expected that it would be a most tearful final season.

30. Metal Shop Masters

Release date: 10th September 2021

It is mainly a competition show in between a group of metal artists torch, cut and weld epic, and also about the badass creations from the hardened steel.

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Will Arrive This Summer - Nintendo Life

29. Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series

Release date: 10th September 2021

It is an amazing animation series that depicts an incredible journey in which Ash and Goh will face some of the largest trials as they have strived to become one of the best Pokemon trainers in their fields. In this, both of them will continue the journey and this time Chloe will participate in them just like the trio travels of the Pokemon world who are battling with elite trainers, catch Pokemon, and also has made friends along the way.

28. Countdown: Inbspiration4 Mission to space

Release date: 13th September 2021

It is an upcoming Documentary series that is covering the SpaceX manned space flight from the team behind ESPN’s and Netflix’s The Last Dance. It is mainly the  Mission to Space that has chronicled the groundbreaking most popular and historical event has known as Inspiration4 and the world’s first all the civilian mission for the multiple day trips orbiting all the Earth.

27. A StoryBots Space Adventure

Release date: 14th September 2021

It is based on a civil space traveler who has been involved in the Inspiration4 that will provide help to the StoryBots.

26. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father(Season 5)

Release date: 14th September 2021

It depicts Jovia comic Jack Whitehall and also his stuffy father, Michael who has taken unusual and amusing trips to the foreign lands in the attempt to long the bond.

25. The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals(Season 2)

Release date: 14th September 2021

It mainly focused on the ye of every budget and the story of the three travelers who have visited for vacation rentals around the globe and share their expert tips and also tricks in this reality series.

24. You vs. Wild: Out Cold

Release date: 14th September 2021

It revolves around the making of the key decisions to provide help to Bear Grylls who has navigated in harsh and also troubling environments to survive and also complete missions.

Nailed It! Season 6 Release Date, Judges, And Challenges - What We Know So  Far

23. Nailed It! (Season 6)

Release date: 15th September 2021

In this new season, we will see the guest judges in which some are not afraid to get down and dirty. In this Jack McBrayer has tried his hand at the kitchen at the time of Byer sips with a drink and beatboxes, flies attack the epic baking disasters happened and it is not the end as it is contained with a twist as we will see pies who will be featured for the first time ever.

22. Schumacher

Release date: 15th September 2021

The story of the series depicts a family of the German Driver who re wife, father, and brother. In this, we will also watch some important figures like Jean Sidt, Benie Ecclestone,  Sebastian Vettel, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, Flavio Briatore, and David Coultyhard. In this, the racer was a popular private for the decades but the trailer has suggested that they would be getting a very close look at his life than before.

Too Hot to Handle: Latino, Season 1 | Fall Looks Promising Thanks to These  New and Returning Netflix Series Coming in September | POPSUGAR  Entertainment Photo 13

21. Too Hot To Handle Latino

Release date: 15th September 2021

It is the upcoming Latino spin-off of the upcoming Netflix reality series.

He-Man Gets a New Twist in 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' | WIRED

20. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Release date: 16th September 2021

It is an upcoming He-Man animated series.

19. My Heroes Were Cowboys

Release date: 16th September 2021

It depicts the childhood story of Robin Wiltshire who had been rescued by Westerns. This time he is living at the frontier of his dreams.

18. Chicago Party Aunt

Release date: 17th September 2021

In this, the aunt is mainly the troublemaker who has a talent for avoiding adulthood and it contains a soft spot for the soul-searching nephew.

17. Squid Game

Release date: 17th September 2021

It is a game series based on hundreds of cash-strapped players who have accepted a strange invitation for the competition in children’s games. It has been awaited a tempting prize

16. Go! Go! Cory Carson: Chrissy takes the Wheel

Release date: 21st September 2021

It is an upcoming kid’s animation series that is based on cars that can talk with each other.

Exclusive! Love On The Spectrum Season 2 Interview - Autism Awareness  Australia

15. Love on the Spectrum(Season 2)

Release date: 21st September 2021

There is no doubt that love is one of the most beautiful emotions that a person can realize In their entire life. It is true that all people are not fortunate about love but some are definitely fortunate to finding love. It is a thing that can make depressed the most resilient person. In this, the most case the individual may face difficulties to express their emotions at the time of thinking about the people having ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder). It depicts a group of people who are trying to overcome the differences and also become concerned to find the mate who will complete them in the future. In this context, they got the support and the power of love to communicate their feelings.

14. Dear White People(Volume 4)

Release date: 22nd September 2021

Dear White People comes back for the fourth and final season in September 2021. It is mainly a drama-comedy series that is focused on the novel of the exact name by Justin Simien. As the novel has got the film adaptation with the same name so now the internet has become fixated on the title of the series. After getting much controversy the critics have received the series very well with highlighted comedy that has been written excellently

13. Jaguar

Release date: 22nd September 2021

It is a story of a holocaust survivor who has joined the group of agents who are seeking justice against the hundreds of Nazis who have fled to the nation to become hidden after WWII.

12. Monsters Inside: the 24 Faces of Billy Milligan

Release date: 22nd September 2021

The story of the docuseries is based on the first of its kind of Billy Milligan who had arrested in 1977 having three rape cases on the campus of the Ohio State University. It has been set the trial of piqued the interest of the nation as he had diagnosed having the dissociative identity disorder and all the lawyers set to pled insanity and claiming about two of his 24 personalities that have been committed in the crimes.

Blood and Water Season 2 is releasing soon. Here's all the information you  need along with the expected date! | Federal Regulations Advisor

11. Blood & Water(Season 2)

Release date: 24th September 2021

The story of the series is mainly based on Parkhurst High which is a reputed school in Cape Town. In this, we will see a young and brilliant teenager who is near about 16 years old Puleng Khumalo has been enrolled at the facility for the investigation at the case of her 17-year-old sister who becomes abducted at birth. It is also contained with several twists like business dealings, family secrets, and adultery. It has informed that the second season will continue from the last scene of fighting of Fikile and Puleng for the result of the DNA test.

10. Ganglands

Release date: 24th September 2021

It is a French crime TV thriller series. It is also filled with power pack actions and adventures.

9. Jailbirds New Orleans

Release date: 24th September 2021

It tells about feuds, flirtations, and toilets to go down in between the incarcerated woman at the Orleans Justice  Center in the New Orleans in this gritty reality series.

8. Midnight Mass

Release date: 24th September 2021

It revolves around the story of an isolated island community that has experienced some miraculous events and become frightening after the charismatic arrivals of the mysterious priest.

Linda Jew – The Euro TV Place

7. Vendetta: Truth, Lies and the Mafia

Release date: 24th September 2021

The story of the series is based on two anti-mafia crusaders in Sicily: journalist and the host of the TV Pino Maniaci who has spent over the two decades battling organized crime on his local TV station, and Silvana Saguto that is Italy’s most strong judge of anti-mafia. They have just crossed the path in 2013 while the investigations of the Maniaci for the corruption led the judiciary him for the accuse of Saguto and the others to steal money that has been seized from the mafia-related businesses. It has been responded Saguto by declaring that Maniaci was just a mafia mouthpiece that will try to tarnish all her reputation.

6. Ada Twist, Scientist

Release date: 28th September 2021

It depicts the story of Ada Twist and the two of her best friends who had asked big questions and have worked together to discover the truth based on everything.

5. The Chestnut Man

Release date: 29th September 2021

It is a crime drama series of a young woman that has been found brutally murdered in the playground and also the missing of one of the hands that had hanged bout a small man that made of chestnuts.

4.MeatEater(Season 10): Part 1

Release date: 29th September 2021

It is the story of Steven Rinella who is a hunter, author, cook, and conversationist into several beautiful regions that brought the game meat from the field of the table.

3. Love 101(Season 2)

Release date: 30th September 2021

It depicts a story of 1990s Turkey based on a group of teenagers who have outcasted the band together to build all their beloved teachers to fall in love that she becomes the reason to stay in the town with them.

Luna Park”: All the latest updates about the Italian TV series -  TechnoSports

2. Luna Park

Release date: 30th September 2021

The trailer begins the scene of the couple who is entering a park and riding the roller coaster. In this park, they have met with a lady who has offered them to know about their future after that Nora has gone with her. She wants to know about the finding of her disappearing sister. It depicts the magic of Luna Park as she will see all the things of the future. In this, we will see that they will play a film in which it reveals a symbol at the backside of the little girl that gave some hints about the aliveness of her sister.

Sex Education' temporada 3: fecha de estreno e imágenes

1. Sex Education(Season 3)

Release date: 17th September 2021

All the characters in this series are very funny, complex, and very relatable with reality, one thing is guaranteed that if you start to watch the series then you will definitely get obsessed about it. Season 3 of Sex Education is on the way to launch. At the ending of Season 2 of Sex Education, we have seen a thriller situation was created for Otis and Maeve, so now the main exciting fact is what will happen next between them. Last time, Otis finally gain the courage to express his feelings for Maeve, but when he came to her home she is not present. After that Otis left a voicemail for her and said Maeve’s neighbor Isaac to tell her to check it. It is very obvious that Otis left an adorable message for Maeve to hear, but Maeve can’t check it as Isaac deleted the voicemail from her smartphone, and this indicates another love triangle created for Otis and Maeve.

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