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“Confessions of an Invisible Girl”: All the Latest Updates about the Brazilian Film

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At last the trailer of the Brazilian film Confessions of an Invisible Girl. It starts with a million-dollar question which is why is it so difficult to be a normal person with friends? The story of the film is mainly based on the best seller Confisssoes de uma garota excluda, mal-amada e dramatica. It has been written by Thalita Reboucas. It depicts the story of Rio de Janeiro who is a girl at the age of 16 who has been neglected from school or also even at home.

Confessions of an Invisible Girl – September 22 « Celebrity Gossip and  Movie News

As her parents are unemployed and take a decision to move to the house of her grandparents the teenager become forced to start to a new school. This time she will try her best to not be bullied again, it is expected that this time she will make friends and have a social life. It is not very easy for her due to the popular girls Valentina and Lais, and also the most invisible Davi. And Zeca has to arrive with her allies and try their way to crush Erickj and Dudu.

She is living with her parents but now she has come to the house of their grandparents and that does not build the protagonist’s life easier. In the life of this girl, she is racing crushes, social pressures, some awkward situations, and also self-love that become very challenging to herself.

About Netflix - Confessions Of An Invisible Girl, a movie based on the  Best-Selling novel by author Thalita Rebouças, premieres September 22


The producers are Panoramica and it has been directed by Bruno garotte which is the main name behind the success of this Brazilian movie. Bruno Thalita Reboucas, Flavia Lins e Silva, and Christina Oliveira have written the script. It is featuring with Fernanda Concon as Lai, Gabriel Lima as Davi, Julia Gomes as Valentina,  Klara Castanho as Tete, and Marus Bessa as Zeca.

Release Date

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It has set that this film will release on 22nd September 2021.

Here is the trailer:

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