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Intel’s rise to top plan is on the way under Pat Gelsinger

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Intel is undoubtedly the most famous chip maker in the world and since its venture back in 1995, the company has managed to retain the top spot in the world. It was the first company o receive the title of the semiconductor giant and is credited with the creation of the world-first microprocessor, the intel 4004, in 1971. It’s the only company whose share priced has reached such heights that the record remains unsurpassed by any in the market.

“Intel Inside” quickly became a hallmark brand slogan in the PC world, thus reflecting the company’s marketplace ubiquity. Even Apple started its rise to the top relying on the performance offered by intel’s processors. Intel’s x86 architecture was a proven winner, and it’d ride that momentum for nearly two decades. 

However, things don’t always go as planned and the recent market situation seems to not be favouring the once reigning king of semiconductors. Despite being a heavy-hitter in the market, the recent growth of the company makes much to be desired.


The change in intel’s situation started when after 2010 the company biggest rival, AMD, starting crawling its way up in the market. The performance of AMD skyrocket after the introduction of its Zen architecture. However, even though AMD is still very far away from reaching Intel’s current market share but it is surely matching the semiconductor in terms of performance and is currently prefered in the data centre segment.

Even Intel’s biggest client Apple has decided to transition off from Intel and has manufactured its silicon creating a name for itself as a potential intel competitor in the market. However, now intel is on the verge to take back its position as the top in the market.

Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, is hoping to build the company as a powerhouse that will be un-shaken in the silicon market. Despite being a new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has already been a part of Intel and was around the time as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, leading 14 microprocessor programs while helping Intel’s Core and Xeon CPUs rise to prominence.

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The latest transition of Intel in the GPU market shows the ambition of the new CEO into increasing the company’s market presence. The current silicon crisis is increasing and the supply will most probably be unable to meet the demand. The upcoming Intel’s Alder Lake will be the first in the market to support the latest DDR5 memory standard as well as PCIe 5.0.

as to whether intel comes out victorious remains to be seen. For more information stay tuned.


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Nivedita Bangari
Nivedita Bangari
I am a software engineer by profession and technology is my love, learning and playing with new technologies is my passion.



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