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Here is the list of Top 10 most-watched Web Series last week

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All the OTT Platforms are geared up to launch some summer-filled blockbuster series, and it will provide a kick-off with their incredible shows lineup of August. In addition, it is expected that all the OTT platforms will be filled with many original release films and shows in the coming days.

This August, all the OTT platforms will release all web series categories, whether a thriller, rom-com, action, or horror. In this week of August, several series on which audience have shown their love by watching mostly.

Here is a list of the top 10 web series in the last week of August 2021:

Ted Lasso' star drops new season 2 trailer on Twitter | AppleInsider

10.Ted Lasso

This show is featuring Jason Sudeikis as a positive perpetual football coach who has taken a gig by helming an English soccer team, it has become one of the blockbuster hits on Apple TV Plus. The company is fledging the streaming service. It is the main reason that it just looks as charming as season 1, with a lot of folksy expressions and also with the same actors of beloved characters.

The War is Not Won:" Game of Thrones Season 4: Official Trailer (HBO) -  YouTube

9.Game of Thrones

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This web series is known as one of the top ones for over a year. The series takes place near the fictional continent of Westeros. This series has started when King Robert arrives at the northern castle Winterfall to tell Ned Hand for his right-hand assistant, or the Hand of the king, as his previous hand was died due to some strange circumstances.

WATCH] 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Trailer Invades Comic-Con – Deadline

8.The Walking Dead

It has been adapted from the comics of the exact name and this series has been able to staple to both AMC and also Netflix for years now. It is become necessary to redevelop Alexandria as it was consumed with more people than it could support. It is just like there is the quest to supply new food to ensure the survival of the city. In terms, it has pointed to the plot for such characters like Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and princess that is still on hold and it really becomes the main storyline.

All You Need to Know About Netflix Series 'Hit and Run' — Including the  Trailer

7.Hit & Run

It is the story of a nice guy who has a shadowy past as a getaway driver that has broken out of the protection of the witness program in the backwater of California town to drive his girlfriend Annie to Los Angeles for some important job.

Dominic Purcell on Prison Break Season 6 |

6.Prison Break

The story revolves around two brothers; one is Lincoln Burrow, and the other is Michael Scofield. Burrow was sentenced to death for a crime that he had never committed, and Scofield has devised a brief plan to help his brother escape from the prison and clear his name.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Story Details  - Den of Geek

5.Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It is a comedy series which is based on the exploits of Det. Jake Peralta and also his diverse, lovable co-workers become police NYPD’s 99th Precinct.

Titans Episode 1 Review – F**k Batman? No, F**k Trolls - Fortress of  Solitude


It is based on the crew of some young superheroes who are battling with evil and the other perils.

Nine Perfect Strangers review: Nicole Kidman awakens her inner Osho in  Hulu's hollow show | Web Series - Hindustan Times

3.Nine Perfect Strangers

It is the story of nine stressed town dwellers who arrive at the resort’s boutique health and wellness that has promised healing and transformation. In this, the director of the resort is the woman who is In the mission.

THE WHITE LOTUS (2021) TV Mini-series Trailer 2; Ep. 1-6 Plot Synopses,  Directors, & Air Dates [HBO] | FilmBook

2.The White Lotus

The story of the film is based on several vacationers, hotel staff, and the locals who have indulged in the surreal experience at the resort of Hawaiian. The twist comes when all the vacation turns into a nightmare for all of the people. It will be seen that with the passing of each of the days at the grand hotel the darker complexities and dramas are emerges.

What If...?: Every MCU Character Change & Timeline Revealed in the Trailer

1.What If…?

It is mainly focused on the unknown stories from the main Marvel Cinematic Universe characters that are experiencing several fates and also storylines that they have faced naturally. The trailer starts with the early scene of Iron Man but Tony Stark has been captured by a crew of terrorists that is rescued by Kilmonger from “Black Panther”.

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