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Money Heist (Season 5): All the three new characters added by Netflix

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It is reported that according to Pedro Alonso means Berlina’s child is a nuclear warhead that is going to destroy all the things after relaying with Rio in the first part of the early episodes of the series. After one year all the viewers become introduced to the son of Berlin named Rafael who is playing by Patrick Criado now 31 years old who has completed his computer engineering from MIT or Massachusetts and also become clear about the fact that he does not want to become like his father.

Money Heist Season 5 Photos Out! Netflix Introduces Three New Characters

Patrick Criado will play the role of Rafael

At the starting of the story, there is also another new character who has been introduced to Money Heist 5. He was introduced as Tokio but at the beginning of the story, it was not like that. It was and this which is the love for his life. It was the last time that he had seen him left him in the pool of blood with the opening of his eyes.

In the first part, we have met Tokio who has holed up in the motorhome chased by the police and become suffered from an indescribable loss of the love of her life. After that, she met Rene who is the man that she had started mugging with whom she had travelled and enjoyed life and the man that she loved before Silene Oliveira become discovered that sometimes things in her perfect little world can go terribly wrong.

Money Heist Season 5 Photos Out! Netflix Introduces Three New Characters

Miguel Angel will play the role of Rene

It is also another latest character come to play the season is Sagasta. The Special Forces commander of the Spanish army. He has been seasoned with uncountable international missions against the human species that have also made him precisely the same as the man that he had killed.

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He is undoubtedly an inborn leader whom the man will follow with a smile until the end if he had been asked them also as he was just like them. After putting on the uniform he had become an analytical leader who has a cold and ruthless mind who has been capable become beyond any analytical, cold and ruthless mind. It also has going beyond any moral and ethical convention if it needs any mission.

Money Heist Season 5 Images Tease A Violent Battle- Daily Research Plot

Military Squad

The fifth part of Money Heist Volume 1 has set to premiere on Netflix on 3rd September.


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