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Let’s discuss the War of Wakanda expansion pack for Marvel’s Avengers

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The next major update coming to the Marvel’s Avengers game is the War for Wakanda Expansion which will be a free-to-play addition it will be the game’s biggest DLC yet. So without any delay let’s hope into the world of Wakanda and get to know a little more about the game’s latest expansion pack.

The story is an extremely important part of any major game and the developers behind this amazing masterpiece have worked incredibly hard in order to bring to us a satisfying Black Panther narrative that adds hours of new cinematic story content to the game.

War for Wakanda is an original story set in Marvel’s Avengers universe. The story picks up years after the events of A-Day. During the time T’Challa rules over Wakanda, and the country’s borders are closed to everyone.

But, the devious Ulysses Klaw finds a way in, and then he invades the country in an effort to harvest its wealth of Vibranium. To stop the assault on his kingdom, T’Challa teams up with outsiders – the Avengers.

The development team had a strong collaboration with the Black Panther comics writer Evan Narcisse in crafting our original story. Narcisse is known for the popular “Rise of the Black Panther” comic run!

Coming to the character itself who was popularized by the late Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther with his martial arts-inspired playstyle will feel totally different from the other Avengers on the roster.

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His moves include Pounce, allowing him to leap at and grapple-attack enemies; then we have Percussive Blast, which drains your Intrinsic Meter with a blast of stored up kinetic energy; and finally, the Devastating Daggers, which is a ranged attack allowing the players to do increased damage to enemies that are embedded with your daggers.

We also have the T’Challa’s Assault Heroic which is King’s Mercy, in which he summons a Vibranium spear and hurls it at hapless foes. His Support Heroic is Kimoyo Beads, hovering around the area to support allies or stun enemies. Then we have the Ultimate Heroic which portrays the spiritual side of the character, summoning a spectral projection of the panther goddess Bast that grants him a major damage buff.

The War for Wakanda expansion pack also introduces a variety of new enemy types, such as the Vibranium-armored mercenaries and grunts armed with Sonic-powered weapons.

The villain, Klaw, commands an army of Crawlers both big and small and the expansion pack also has two new fights against Klaw in his comic book-inspired sonic form.

It’s not just the gaming additions that are looking forward to but also the vocal talents that the studio has pulled for the War of Wakanda expansion. We have Debra Wilson (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) will play Okoye, Erica Luttrell (Westworld) will play Shuri, Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead video games) will play Zawavari, and Steve Blum (Star Wars Rebels) will play Ulysses Klaue.

But the voice for which I am too excited will be the voice of the voice actor who will play T’Challa. It’s none other than our God of War, Kratos himself, the ultimate vocal talent Chris Judge.


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