Thursday, December 9, 2021

AMD’s lost some of its market share in the desktop market but made huge gains in Notebook and Server segments

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We have with us the Mercury Research CPU market share results which are released for the second quarter of 2021. The newly arrived reports indicate that AMD lost its share in desktop Pcs, but, the company gained its overall revenue as it prioritized the production of higher-margin SKUs and server and notebook chips.

Coming to Arm processors, Mercury Research’s data states that Arm-based CPUs continue to grow on strong sales of Chromebooks. And with Apple’s Arm-powered M1 processors wreaking havoc in the market, the report states that “Based on our estimates ARM has approximately a 7 per cent share of PC processors if they’re included in the share calculations, up from approximately 5 per cent last quarter and less than 2 per cent a year ago.”

Arm’s CPU market is showing plenty of movement on the other hand AMD has access to a finite amount of production capacity, hence, it is only focusing on producing its highest-margin products, which has led to the company shedding 2.3 percentage points of the Desktop PC market, making its desktop share to be a 17.1% share.

The chip is also currently prioritizing the production of its notebook chips due to which it has gained 1.9 percentage points to brings its laptop unit share up to an even 20%. but where the company is making big gains is its Server business. According to Mercury Research, both AMD and Intel saw more than 10% unit growth during the quarter and AMD share reached 9.5% of the market.

Below are the tables which show the market share taken over by both AMD and Intel:

AMD vs. Intel Desktop PC Market Share Q2 2021 

AMD Desktop Unit Share17.1%19.3%19.3%20.1%19.2%18.6%18.3%18%17.1%17.1%15.8%13%12.3%12.2%12.0%10.9%11.1%11.4%9.9%9.1%
Quarter over Quarter / Year over Year (pp)-2.3 / -2.1+0.1 / +0.7-0.8 / +1.0+0.9 / +2.1+0.6 / +2.1+0.3 / +1.5+0.3 / +2.4+0.9 / +5Flat / +4.8+1.3 / +4.9+2.8 / +3.8+0.7 / +2.1+0.1 / +1.2+0.2 / +0.8+1.1 / +2.1-0.2 / +1.8-0.3 / –+1.5 / –+0.8 / –

AMD vs. Intel Notebook / Mobile Market Share Q2 2021

AMD Mobile Unit Share20.0%18.0%19%20.2%19.9%17.1%16.2%14.7%14.1%13.1%12.2%10.9%8.8%
Quarter over Quarter / Year over Year (pp)+1.9 / +0.01-1.0 / +1.1-1.2 / +2.8+0.3 / +5.5+2.9 / +5.8+0.9 / +3.2+1.5 / +4.0+0.7 / +3.8+1.0 / +5.3+0.9 / ?   

AMD vs. Intel Server Unit Market Share Q2 2021

AMD Server Unit Share9.5%8.9%7.1%6.6%5.8%5.1%4.5%4.3%3.4%2.9%3.2%1.6%1.4%0.8%
Quarter over Quarter / Year over Year (pp)+0.6 / +3.7+1.8 / +3.8+0.5 / +2.6+0.8 / +2.3+0.7 / +2.4+0.6 / 2.2+0.2 / +1.4+0.9 / +2.7+0.5 / +2.0-0.3 / –+1.6 / 2.4+0.2 / –  

“Mercury Research captures all x86 server-class processors in their server unit estimate, regardless of device (server, network or storage), whereas the estimated 1P [single-socket] and 2P [two-socket] TAM [Total Addressable Market] provided by IDC only includes traditional servers.”

AMD vs. Intel Total Market Share Q2 2021

AMD Overall x8622.5%20.7%21.7%22.4%18.3%14.8%15.1%14.6%13.9%12.3%10.6%
Overall PP Change QoQ / YoY+1.8 / +4.2-1.0 / +6.0-0.7 / +6.2+4.1 / +6.6+3.5 / +1.2 (+3.7?)-0.7 / ?+0.9 / +3.2+0.7 / +4??


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