Tuesday, November 30, 2021

AMD adds firmware support for Linux in wake of its Van Gogh release coming soon

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According to recent sources, AMD has added new firmware support for its Van Gogh accelerated processing unit. This new firmware update is added to the Linux firmware. git, which is an important Linux repository. This new update is important because it serves as one of the final steps of hardware enablement in Linux, which also points to the imminent launch of the product.

The thing is that vendors often ship new firmware versions for their parts in new Linux drivers, similar to what AMD did earlier this week by releasing its Radeon Software for Linux 21.30 package. These firmware version updates are important to enable built-in compatibility with new hardware and drivers. And the developers of Linux distributions get the firmware separately from Linux firmware. git, which is a universal repository of firmware files for various hardware.

With the release of new firmware support for Van Gogh APU, AMD has all but ensured essential support of its latest Van Gogh APU in various Linux builds. However, even though we are no confirmed that AMD’s Van Gogh may be coming closer to its launch, we still know nothing certain about this processor.  

All we know are some random information achieved through various leaks and rumours. We know that the new APU will feature Zen 2 cores and have an RDNA 2-based GPU, and a memory controller that supports DDR5 and/or LPDDR5 memory.

And AMD has an interesting way of naming their semi-official codenames, there is no pattern and they do not follow AMD’s nomenclature. For example, AMD’s APUs are called after famous painters, but the semi-custom SoC for Sony’s PlayStation 5 was codenamed Flute. 

What eve, the case might be we are pretty excited about the launch of Van Gogh and expect the APU to be a powerful unit with four Zen 2 cores coupled an have a high-performance built-on RDNA 2-powered GPU.

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