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Hobbies of Indian millionaires: from polo to books

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Today we give little thought to such a phenomenon of our life as a hobby. Sometimes we remember our hobbies only when we meet new people. But without a hobby, some people consider their life incomplete, and sometimes boring. A hobby is not included in the chain of primary human needs, for example, in food or communication with others like themselves. But, on the other hand, a hobby lies in the space of the cultural development of a person’s personality.

Every hobby is somehow connected with our values ​​and views. For example, rich people in India prefer elite kinds of hobbies from polo to tennis. Many of them are interested in betting these kinds of sports using bookmakers’ sites. To make profit you should register and use Parimatch login. In fact, a hobby can be called a mirror that reflects a person’s character traits. Moreover, a common hobby very often unites seemingly completely different people.

What is the practical use of a hobby for a person? Some people think that it doesn’t make sense to waste time on hobbies. But it is rather difficult to agree with this statement:

  • First, in our daily life, our most diverse hobbies become an outlet and a source of spiritual diversity. After a nervous day at work, you can immerse yourself in your hobby and relax, while receiving a lot of positive emotions. All accumulated negative stress is discharged in a matter of minutes.
  • Secondly, a hobby provides an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons in many cultural areas (from various types of collecting to recreating historical events in reenactments).
  • Thirdly, outdoor sports can become a hobby for lovers of active recreation, which will ensure the maintenance of physical fitness at a level.

The primary tasks of any hobby are: the continuous development of their analytical or physical abilities and the discovery of new talents in themselves. This entails an increase in self-confidence, which ensures a successful fight against deficiencies.

What are the most popular hobby among Indian millionaires

The rating of the most popular hobbies among rich people in India is as follows:

  • The first place is occupied by reading books and collecting them. Indeed, sometimes it is so difficult to leave the bookstore without another update for your soul and mind. In some cases, when reading a person can find effective solutions to their work problems. For the most part, this applies to professions where such a quality as creativity is needed.
  • The second place goes to sports hobbies. In this case, a person not only relaxes from the hardships of working days, but also continues his physical development. The most popular are elite kinds of sports — polo, tennis, golf etc.
  • Keeping pets ranks third in the ranking. Thanks to this hobby, a person develops the qualities of care and responsibility, which can serve as a good start for the development of family relationships in the future. Breeding horses and different wild animals are really unusual.
  • Travel lovers came in fourth. A tourist hobby develops in a person the need to learn new places and their culture, and, consequently, the general cultural level of a person’s development increases markedly.
  • The last place in popularity is occupied by amateurs of collecting. But at the same time, these people are the keepers of cultural rarities, especially if the collectible affects historical events.

A hobby doesn’t have to become another commitment. It should be a tool for relaxation and another way to get pleasure. Some psychologists believe that the correct alternation of work modes and hobbies helps to harmonize the inner state of a person.

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