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The Suicide Squad: Ending and Post-Credits scenes explained

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The Suicide Squad is a story about Amanda Waller’s Task Force X, a team of metahuman scum who are hired from the dreaded Belle Reve penitentiary, a facility specially designed to contain superpowered criminals.

It is James Gunn’s movie. The movie The Suicide Squad was released in India on Thursday i.e. on 5th August 2021. The film is both a sequel and a soft reboot of 2016 original and apart from a few characters.

suicide 2



The film, The Suicide Squad stars  Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Sylvester Stallone, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Peter Capaldi in major roles.


The film has gained extremely positive critical reception, it also deserved so. The film is an absolutely madcap delight, full of gore, black humor, deep characters, and lots of surprises.

Ending Explaination

As we have said above that a team was hired. Basically, there were two separate teams,  and one — made up of Captain Boomerang, Savant, Blackguard, Harley Quinn, Weasel, and others — is just a diversion. Most of them are quickly dispensed off by the enemy military.

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The other one — consisting of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Rick Flag, King Shark (Nanaue), Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man — is posted on another beach and allotted task to destroy a secret lab called Jotunheim in the fictional South American country of Corto Maltese. Jotunheim is a sinister lab prison where experiments are done on humans. It also houses a giant extra-terrestrial creature called Starro, shaped like a starfish and can launch spores that infect humans like the Alien in Ridley Scott’s classic.

In the end, it was exposed that it was a goal of the US government to destroy the lab and was not to stop the horrible experiments. They want to erase their role in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.

The peacemaker has killed him when Flag attempts to protect the evidence. He was exposed off and it was found that he was working for Amanda.  Ultimately Bloodsport shoots him and he apparently dies. Apparently is the keyword here.

As Starro rampages, the remaining Suicide Squad members — Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Ratcatcher 2, and Polka-Dot Man — have decided not to follow the rules of Amanda’s orders and thought to evacuate and kill Starro and save the Corto Maltese people, and finally, they succeed.

As the film ends, there we have seen Bloodsport is making a deal with Amanda. The deal was all about they will not harm the remaining Task Force X members, and in turn, they will not share America’s war crimes with the world.

Post-Credits Explaination

In a mid-credits scene, it reveals that Weasel who was thought to be drowned was still alive. He strolls towards the jungle. It is very much clear that he will return back in the sequel.

But the post-credit scene founds to be interesting. We have found Peacemaker to be alive, whose throat was hit by Bloodsport’s bullet and a building apparently felt on him. He was recovering in a hospital and the two people on Amanda’s payroll John and Emilia has arrived and gave him his mission named: “Save the fu**ing world.”

What does this mean? We do not think Amanda wants him to go after Bloodsport and others, as they still hold the key to her downfall. It seems that Peacemaker has another mission to save the world from something else. We will get to see what that exactly is in HBOMax’s Peacemaker spinoff series. The filming of the series was wrapped up and it was heard it will make its debut in early 2022.

The series will also explore the origins of Peacemaker apart from continuing his story. It will be very interesting to see an undeniably interesting character being inspected in more detail. Although he is an uncivilized, murderous rascal, he is also more complex and actually regrets his evil actions even as he commits them.

With the reception the film is getting, it seems that Gunn is going to have a longer tryst with DCEU than expected earlier. We may also expect him to adapt other franchises for Warner Bros and DC soon.

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