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AMD maintains its stand of being competitive in the market despite the launch of the Apple M1 SoC

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We all know that since the arrival of Apple’s M1 chip in the market the tech world has been going crazy by its arrival. However, AMD believes that it has managed to retain the competitive edge despite the arrival of the chip.

David McAfee, Corporate VP, Product Management and Marketing at AMD states that “When we look at our roadmap going forward, I think we got a very competitive roadmap against what Apple is doing.”

Apple’s venture into producing its ARM-based M1 processor in November, while ditching Intel, was hailed by experts as a masterstroke against established chip makers like Intel and AMD. The launch of M1 chips by Apple was seen as the emergence of the new battle for chip supremacy between Intel, AMD and Cupertino giant.


“What Apple has done is that they have taken a different approach to design a chip. Their approach is something that has strong, single-threaded CPU performance that is right there with the Zen 3 series processor.”

While in an Interview, AMD’s Corporate VP for Product Management and Marketing, David McAfee loaded AMD’s recent efforts to retain supremacy in the chip development while simultaneously welcoming the M1 CPU in the market and also praising the capabilities brought by Cupertino giant’s SoC.

“I would say the biggest innovation Apple has brought into the ecosystem is the battery life and power efficiency that comes from the heritage of the mobile handset space and kind of taking it into the PC space from a mobile handset design methodology. I don’t think that what Apple has done changes AMD’s strategy dramatically.”

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He further stated that whether it’s Apple or AMD, both companies have different strategies to achieve the same goal of bringing premium SoC technology to the market. AMD works closely with its OEM partners and develops solutions that drive maximum performance from its chip. What Apple does is rely on its tech to drive its ecosystem.

As we know, for years, Intel has dominated the market chip development but AMD’s has risen in recent years like a champ and is challenging intel in every field it can. While intel has severely been seeing a delay in its production and the recent delay in launching chips based on 7nm node as well as its decision to outsource production to outside firms have contributed to the decline of the tech giant Intel.

“There are fundamentals about the essential product, and those pieces have to be there regardless of who the competition is and AMD is leading in performance, in power efficiencies, and manufacturing process technology. We can continue to do those things despite whatever moves that Intel or Apple might make…we will end up being in a very strong competitive position.”


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Nivedita Bangari
Nivedita Bangari
I am a software engineer by profession and technology is my love, learning and playing with new technologies is my passion.


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