Intel DG2’s latest appearance with 128 EU shows its potential to reach as much as 2,200 Mhz clock speed

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We have seen several leaks and delays regarding the intel’s upcoming and majorly hyped next-generation Xe series of GPUs, codenamed DG2 (discrete graphics 2). team blue is gearing for the launch of its new technology and has already laid a foundation for this new member by the Intel DG1. And we are hoping that the series will offer some serious competition to some of the big GPUs offered by AMD and NVIDIA.

According to various leaks, the lineup for the Xe-HPG configuration GPUs will range from 128 to 512 Execution Units (EUs). And a couple of days ago we witnessed the first-ever appearance of the DG2-128EU which could have a 2,200 MHz clock speed. The data was leaked from Geekbench’s database, as usual.

Coming to the results of the test carried on by the benchmark platform, remember that these are the results from an engineering sample that didn’t even have the support from proper drivers, so keep a pinch of salt with you while digesting this article. However, the card still offered about a 40% boost from the DG1 in clock speeds, and the presence of additional EUs, higher memory bandwidth, and architectural update, coupled together with official drivers could provide us with some potential power performance.


The system used for testing comprised of the Intel Core i5-11400T Rocket Lake processor and 16GB of single-channel (?) memory. For the test, the system managed to achieve a score of 13710 points in OpenCL benchmarks and it’s just an entry-level performance segment that usually targets low-power configurations.

And during the test, it was reported that the GPU was allegedly running at 2,200 MHz clock speed, which is quite impressive for the new silicon. I am genuinely impressed that Intel managed to pull it off. But, Geekbench has been wrong many times in its previous mentions as well.

When compared with the individual results of the DG1 card, that the DG2 scored from 25% to nearly 175% higher than it. And remember this all performance estimation and event the clocks were achieved by the DG2 while not being supported by proper drivers. For more leaks and info stay tuned.

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