Here is a list of popular films for setting up the Cinematic Universes and Franchise

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It is true that when film sequels and the cinematic universe have existed for such decades there is the concept of some interconnected cinematic universe in which many movies has existed within that exact world and also has shared a lot of characters that was the one that has been relatively untapped until the current years.

In 2012, Avengers got a huge success, and after that studios has started to look to the properties that might be appropriate for their own cinematic universes. There is something that can generate a movie in a year or more instead of the direct sequel every few years. It was sometimes the indication of rebooting the franchises as it was sometimes just taking the ongoing famous series and also attempting for the sin-off for more films.

Here is the list of 9 films:

The Friday the 13th Franchise Needed Freddy vs. Jason's Big, Dumb, Glorious  Shot in the Arm | GQ

9.The Freddy vs. Jason Horror Universe

MCU’s one of the failed predated universes. This 2003’s show has given to the horror fans that the showdown that they had been wishing to watch for years Nightmare on Elm Street’s razor-fingered Freddy Krueger has taken on the hockey mask-wearing killer Jason Vorhees. It got a huge success and there had also many plans by the distributors New Line for the extension of the horror universe that has also introduced the reluctant hero Ash into the mix. Bruce Campbell will perform the role of Ash.

Upcoming DC Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away

8.The DC Extended Universe

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It has been found that DC’s film universe is running for longer and has made more money than any other universe and technically it still exists. Marvel has already pioneered the superhit superhero universe, in 2013 DC has launched its latest version of the MCU that has termed mainly the DC Extended Universe. DC has lept to the headfirst with a lot of inconsistent films that have been ranged from the excellent to the terrible.

Like Avengers, but with six Hawkeyes: Sony ponders Robin Hood universe |

7.Robin Hood Universe

As there is a lot of film universe so it has conceived that they will never make it happen within a single film. In 2014 it has heard that Sony was started its talks to spend $1 million to purchase the rights for the pitch by the writer’s Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott for this film title that may lead to an extended Robin Hood Universe.

Power Rangers: A Guide to the Multiverse - Den of Geek
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6.Power Rangers Universe

This Universe is undoubtedly a long-running multimedia franchise since the 2017 reboot film. The Lionsgate boss Jon Feltheimer has said that he has wished to make five, six, or even seven movies while Haim Saban company has owned the rights of the Power Rangers and has been confirmed about the six-film story architecture.

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Men In Black Franchise

5.The Men in Black/ 21 Jump Street Universe

It is assumed to be the weirdest attempt to make a cinematic universe that was the plan of combining the two of Sony’s successful properties in the genre of action-comedy. The concept of this show began with Phil Lord and Chris Miller who had been directed both Jump Street films and also wanted to mix the self-parodying detective comedy of those films with the FX-driven sci-fi laughs of Men in Black. The most amazing fact is Sony has signed a deal with Lord and Miller to build a screenplay with the screenwriter Rodney Rothman.

The real reason why Andrew Garfield was fired as Spider-Man, replaced by  Tom Holland | Hollywood - Hindustan Times

4.The Amazing Spider-Man Universe

After producing three of the most successful Spider-Man films along with the 2000s,k Sony has rebooted Spidey with Andrew Garfield in the lead role and also making a plan to build a huge universe by utilizing all the heroes and also the villains as they also had the rights for the film. The Amazing Spider-Man was well received and also has made $758 million all over the world and the 2014 sequel has made $709 million and it was the lowest gross for the Spidey film.

Warner Bros.' King Arthur Shared Universe Plan (& Why It Failed)

3.King Arthur Universe

It has been found that the legends of King Arthur and his Knights have the round table that has ripe with the opportunities with the extended cinematic storytelling. It is Guy Richie’s 2017 fantasy action film  King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that had intended for the kickstart of an entire franchise with Warner and hopes to build not less than six films.

The Dark Tower is a flimsy film adaptation, but it's a great Stephen King  movie - Vox

2. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower fantasy series of the Stephen King’s is renowned to be author’s one of the most beloved works and also with the eight novels and the chance for creating a cinematic universe is also considered. After one developing year at last a film has been announced for release in 2017 with the intentions that could launch a franchise to take in several films and TV shows also.

How Hubris Undid the Dark Universe Movies - Den of Geek

1.Dark Universe

It has been confirmed that there is no failed cinematic universe just as notorious as the Dark Universe. The Universal attempt to begin a new shared universe that is based on the classic properties of the monster that had been under works for those exact time with all writers, directors, stars that have been lined up for the series with the interconnected movies. It has been confirmed that the Mummy hit theatres have launched the Dark Universe officially.

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