All the Upcoming Web Series on Amazon Prime Video on in August 2021

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Amazon Prime Video is ready to gear up to launch some monsoon blockbuster series, a lot of incredible staff have filled in their August lineup. It is expected that in the coming days also Amazon Prime Video will fill their library with many original releases and shows.

This July, Amazon Prime Video is going to release all categories of the series whether it is a thriller, rom-com, or action. In this month the bag of Prime Video will be filled with some original releases like ‘Scorpian’, ’Modern Love, ‘Dominion’, and also series like ‘Beyond’.

Here is a list of top films that will release in  August 2021:

100% Wolf: Legend Of The Moonstone : ABC iview

26.100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone (Season 1)

Release date: 12th August

This series depicts the story of Freddie who may be a poodle but he possesses the heart of a wolf and now he will prove it by completing the graduation from the werewolf only of Howlington Academy.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14 Review: "Sun of a Gun"
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25.Scorpian(Season 1-4)

Release date: 1st  August

It is popular American action drama series. The story of the series is based on O’Brien and his friends who can help to resolve the critical global problems and also will save lives on Earth.

Perry Mason' Season 1 Episode Guide: Details on Episodes 5 - 8
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24.Perry Mason (Season 1-9)

Release date: 1st  August

It revolves around Perry Mason, Della Street, and Paul Drake who have been headed to the little town to defend the teen man who becomes charge with the poison of a blackmailer.

MacGyver Series Premiere Recap: The Sherlock Problem

23.MacGyver(Season 1- 5)

Release date: 1st  August

It revolves around a teen Angus who is MacGyver who has been worked for the clandestine organization under the U.S. government he has unconventional problem-solving skills to rescue lives.

dr. quinn medicine woman colleen and becky | brian and colleen run away  from ethan and lillian and colleen ... | Dr quinn medicine woman, Medicine  woman, Dr quinn

22.Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Season 1-6)

Release date: 1st  August

It depicts a father-in-law who has threatened to return to the homestead of Sully.

Dominion TV series season 1, 2, 3, 4 full episodes download

21.Dominion(Season 1-2)

Release date: 1st  August

This series depicts an incredible journey of a teen rebellious soldier who has found out that he is mainly the savior of the entire mankind.

Screencaps of Code Black Season 1 Episode 13

20.Code Black (Season 1-3)

Release date: 1st  August

It depicts a staff in LA County Hospital emergency room who will treat patients in some difficult situations.

Download Beyond (Season 1 - 2) {English With Subtitles} 720p WeB-DL HD  [180MB] | MoviesVerse - MoviesFlix Pro |

19.Beyond(Season 1-2)

Release date: 1st  August

It is a story of a young man who has waked up from a 12-year long coma. Now he wants to discover about his new abilities that come just to propel him in the center of the terrible conspiracy.

Modern Love Season 2: Rom-Com Anthology Series Renewed By Amazon Prime,  More Updates

18.Modern Love(Season 2)

Release date: 13th August

It is an anthology series. That has been returned for the second season it is a love drama series. It is expected that the first season this season also will be the similar one.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a Time - Official Trailer

17.Thrice Upon A Time

Release date: 13th August

It is a science fiction novel. It has considered the way of sending messages into the past and receiving messages from the near future.

S.O.Z: Soldados o Zombies (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

16.S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies(Season 1)     

Release date: 6th August

It is a story of well trained Turkish soldier named Yavuz Karasu who is in Istanbul with his fiancé where a terrorist operation can place. Now Dr. Bahar who is not a surgeon will try his best to rescue his fiancée. After this incident, Yavuz comes to Karabayir and for another incident, he takes a decision to become a commander of the team.

Winners of the West (1940) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

15.Winners of the West(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is a universal show which is directed by Ford  Beebe and Ray Taylor. It revolves around the railroad construction and about a local ganglord who is opposing it.

Walter Presents: 'The Nordic Murders' preview – it'll have you guessing to  the end – Entertainment Focus

14.The Nordic Murders(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is a German crime drama. It is based on the retired lawyer and also ex-criminal Karin Losow who is helping to investigate the criminal cases on the Baltic Ocean.

Hulu Plus Gets Exclusive on FX's 'The Bridge' Season 1 - Variety

13.The Bridge(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is mainly a Nordic crime series. It is a story that is based on the discovery of a dead body on the border of Denmark-Sweden which is the center of Oresu7nd Bridge that joins Malmo with Copenhagen.

Watch Sea Raiders Season 1 | Prime Video

12.Sea Raiders(Season 1)         

Release date: 1st August

It is the story of the Dead End Kids who have gone after a gang who are known as the Sea Raiders and has sunk with Allied Shipping.

In Their Own Words | PBS

11.In Their Own Words(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

This series mainly depicts the lives of the three most important voices of the 20th Century who are Muhammad Ali, Jim Henson, and Queen Elizabeth II.

How Earth Made Us Web Series Streaming Online Watch

10.How the Earth Was Made

Release date: 1st August

In this, we will know many natural wonders of the world.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: LeToya Luckett to Star in TV One Original Comedy  Series “Here We Go Again” - Houston Forward Times

9.Here We Go Again

Release date: 1st August

This series is based on Maddy Walker who is confirmed about Walker Woman’s Curse. After being born to her mother at an age of 16 and also having a child at that exact age.

Frankie Drake Mysteries Review: Ladies in Red/Summer in the City (Season 1  Episodes 2 and 3) | Tell-Tale TV

8.Frankie Drake Mysteries(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is the story of a female private detective in Toronto in the 1920s. The name of the detective is Frankie Drake.

Dirt Every Day (TV Series 2013– ) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

7.Dirt Every Day(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

This series is based on Fred and friends who have created wild off-road vehicles of different shapes and sizes and also take them into places that are beyond our imagination.

Delicious (S02E04): Series 2, Episode 4 Summary - Season 2 Episode 4 Guide

6.Delicious(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is a fantastic drama series that is based on love, food, and infidelity in Cornwall.

CITY CONFIDENTIAL | True Crime Network

5.City Confidential(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is mainly a real-life story that is based on the wild variety of American cities. It is contained with several murder cases in different ways.

4.Chesapeake Shores(Season 1)

Chesapeake Shores" Season 1 Airing on Amazon Prime for a Limited Time |  Southern Living

Release date: 1st August

It is a story of a young woman who has returned to her hometown to help her sister’s sinking inn while she is content with memories and also faces from her pats.

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Season 1 in Hindi Dubbed ALL Episodes Free Download  Mp4 & 3Gp | PureToons.Com

3.Be Cool, Scooby-Doo(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is a very popular animation show. The Scooby team continued to solve the mysteries during their last summer but they have to face monsters and ghosts on their way.

Bannan: New Gaelic Drama for BBC Alba Could Go Global – The Euro TV Place

2.Bannan(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is a story of a woman named Mairi MacDonald who has come back to the island to his home after she was deserted eight years before, she has left to escape from her family, the place and also the claustrophobia and the customs.

Addison (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

1.Addison(Season 1)

Release date: 1st August

It is an upcoming animated series on Amazon Prime Video this August.

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